5 Tips to Keep Your Spectacles Safe Against Loss and Damage

By April 3, 2019

The right pair of spectacles can both benefit your sight and change the way you look. No wonder then that you spend countless hours finding the perfect combination of a trendy frame and sturdy lenses. Due to high prices for lenses that comes with features like anti-reflection and branded eye wear that up your style statement, replacing your glasses every few months is not a pocket-friendly option. Losing or damaging your sunglasses or spectacles is also a real downer as it comes with additional expense and takes up additional time too.

So, it becomes even more important to take care of your glasses, just as you take care of your eyes. Here are some tips that will help you keep track of your glasses and protect them from damage.

1. Avail spectacle insurance to enjoy monetary protection

No matter how much caution you exercise, there are always chances that you may lose your spectacles or damage them, be it during an accident, while playing sports, or due to a theft. Therefore, the first and foremost step to protect your glasses is to avail a spectacle insurance policy.

Consider availing a Spectacle Insurance from leading financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv. This spectacle insurance policy covers accidental loss and damage caused to your frame and lenses. You will also get protection against spectacle theft or loss of spectacles due to a burglary, fire, and riot. Moreover, applying and claiming the policy involves a hassle-free procedure. The best part is that you can get insured for a whole year by just paying a premium of Rs.499!

2. Assign your spectacles a place and keep them with care

Your spectacles need to have a safe and sturdy home, and no matter how sharp your memory is, you may forget when you have placed them. This could lead to your pet walking over your glasses on the kitchen table or your friend sitting on them on the couch! So, assign your glasses a place, say on your bedside table, and better yet, keep them in a case. A hard case is best, as it protects your glasses from getting damaged because of a fall. The way you place your spectacles is also important. Make sure the lenses face upwards and are not exposed to extreme heat, because even the toughest of lenses are affected by heat. To reduce chances of breakage, do not keep them near a window or on your car’s dashboard.

3. Use an appropriate lens cleaning spray or solution

When cleaning your lenses, avoid using detergent as it may be too harsh and cause scratches or build-up. Use an appropriate lens cleaning spray, wash using lukewarm water, and dry with a cotton cloth that is clean and soft, such as a microfiber cloth or a handkerchief. Avoid using a tissue because even though it feels soft on skin, it can damage your lenses.

4. Clean your frames regularly for more durability

To ensure that your glasses last longer, wash your frames regularly. For best results, use a drop of pH-neutral washing liquid and keep your frame under lukewarm running water. Don’t forget to clean the nose pads as these tend to be exposed to a lot of sweat and dust.

5. Use the ultrasonic cleaner every once in a while

For a thorough and convenient cleaning, use ultrasonic cleaners once in a while. An ultrasound cleaner uses an effective solvent and ultrasound to gently clean your lenses and frames. You can either find them online or at an optician’s store. If you don’t want to buy one, you can visit an optician from time to time and get your spectacles cleaned.

With these useful tips, you are all set to keep your spectacles protected for a long time to come. Remember to clean your spectacles regularly as this is not only essential to give them a longer life, but also to keep your eyes healthy. Before selecting insurance policy, do remember to check out your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. This will help you access your customised insurance and financial offerings within minutes and make the most of instant application and approval.