Loans for Unemployed : Are You Strategically Ready?

loans for unemployed

According to The Guardian statistics shared in February 2018, 1.47 million out of work young people were struggling to find jobs in the UK. Fuelled by unemployment increase among the youths under 24 years’ age, the numbers of jobless increased by 46,000 touching the 1.47 million figure in three months up to December 2017. In parallel, The Bank of England stated that the UK’s economy is sizzling after a sharp inflation rise and tight labour market. In such the multidimensional unfavorable conditions, British unemployed are getting poor credit ranking because of failing in paying the dues on the time. The fast increasing demand of loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees in unemployed situation proves that the all is not well in the UK labour market. 

Govt.’s Help for Unemployed:

Recently, George Osborne predicted that almost 820,000 professionals would lose the jobs because of expected recession triggered by Brexit vote. The Bank of England also predicted 5.5% rise in unemployment rate. Jobseeker’s allowance is great benefit given to British unemployed for which they are entitled while searching a job. The permissible JSA is decided on two factors- National Insurance contribution and partner’s income / savings. National Insurance contribution based JSA is available for the people living in ‘Universal Credit Full Service Area’. For how much JSA you are entitled depends upon various factors including your location; the eligibility can be checked through online tools free of cost. The numbers of people entitled for job seekers allowance (JSA) don’t apply for this remarkable easily available facility due to some disciplinary restrictions asking the beneficiary to prove that he/she is trying to get a job seriously.  

Loans for Unemployed by Direct Lenders- An Additional Help:

The ‘loans for unemployed in UK’ is the best choice to meet out emergency financial needs. The easily available funds also help to go ahead with job seeking plans with better focus and confidence. The lending format provides complete freedom to use the funds; you can use the funds short-term training, career oriented courses, advancing education etc. The funds can also be used to relocate to better job providing areas like Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Birmingham etc. Although the weekly job seekers allowance is adequate for each category of unemployed; still, the rising inflation rate sometimes make it essential to get additional financial help to meet out the living expenses in no income duration. You should opt for private borrowing from online loan stores as the last alliterative when all the possibilities of getting quick funds end.

How to Minimize the Cost of Unemployed Bad Credit Loans:

Each loan comes at a cost; minimizing the overall cost is always the major concern. The minimum repayment period of optimised amount is the primary key to reduce cost. Because of having poor credit score, you might not be at driver’s seat to tailor the deal but by having a strategic approach you can make the borrowing better affordable. The following are 6 steps to help you borrow right for the right purpose at right price: 

  1. Choose the best lending agency through online reviews.
  2. Use the availed funds only to improve professional credibility like education, technical skill & experience in specific trade etc.
  3. Use the funds to relocate to better job providing areas.
  4. Don’t miss any opportunity to get JSA until you are entitled.
  5. Limit your living expenses and monthly dues to save more and repay earlier.  
  6. Pay the small amounted pending bills to improve your credit score.

Concluding Note:

Getting financial help during unemployment is not a big task in the UK because of easy availability of borrowing sources but duration, amount and, career plans, objectives, credit score are the key factors that need peculiar focus.      


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