Discussing V2X and its Importance for the Connected Cars

By December 1, 2018 ,
Discussing V2X and its Importance for the Connected Cars

What does make the modern vehicles more efficient and convenient? Well, the new software-based functionalities make the modern vehicles the most suitable ones not only for the driving but also for enjoying trips sitting next to the driver.

The car manufacturers use different technologies to improve the driving experience. However, they do not use the terms separately and remember them with an umbrella term named “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These technologies will help the car connect to the outside world very soon.

The technology that is relevant for us at the moment is vehicle-to-everything (V2X). What does V2X do for the drivers? Well, it will help the drivers generate useful data and connect the autonomous vehicles through this data by using the most advanced 5G network.

The car manufacturing firms, network operations, suppliers and government agencies appreciate V2X a lot due to its performance for making the autonomous cars more efficient. It enables the cars to communicate with other connected cars faster and process the data more effectively.

What does V2X do for you? Practically, it creates a pair of autonomous vehicles. An autonomous vehicle collects data from the surroundings, compile it and perform accordingly. V2X technology works in coordination with the 5G network to provide the autonomous driving system, the real-time updates in all environments to ensure that all actions are authentic and based on the true information.

V2X connects vehicles to everything

The auto experts compare V2X with dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technology. DSRC technology is just like V2X but based on Wi-Fi. The vehicles equipped with DSRC technology collect and emit all types of data, whether it is related to speed, location or anything available around you. V2X is a comparatively more advanced solution that helps the vehicles connect and communicate with each other. It will also develop a connection with pedestrians, roadside infrastructure, and other connected devices. Generally, V2X works on the coordination with ADAS to make sure that the context is there and vehicle’s surrounding environment suits it. This technology has the pre-warn emergency system that understands the situation on a busy crossing and responds accordingly.

Generally, the V2X variants work comfortably with cellular technology. The vendors designed it especially to entertain high-speed mobile applications. However, some variants can connect even with the 802.11p wireless communication system as well. While we use cellular technology with V2X, we name it C-V2X.

The testing phase of C-V2X is in progress and getting momentum globally. Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Audi are the partners along with some others as well. At the moment, common situations are under consideration where the vehicles, motorbikes and roadside infrastructure can communicate with each other. People have shown great interest in this technology and are ready to take advantage of the benefits provided by C-V2X.

5G Connectivity will improve C-V2X

C-V2X will dramatically improve after the technology named 5G. 5G is the next level of 3G and 4G technology that will improve the connectivity level of mobile devices. The future vehicles will use real-time data to perform the technology-based tasks. For that, an advanced level of connectivity is required to run functions such as streaming services, artificial intelligence, and C-V2X. 5G will help these features share more data at greater speed and in a better way.

Frequent driving improves your predictions. The same will happen in case of the in-vehicle computer that will drive instead of human. Although the auto experts are hopeful that future cars will be safer, the connectivity will matter a lot to improve the performance of these vehicles. As all the data will be based on sensors and cameras, so if the connectivity problem will be there, the communication will be full of flaws that will damage the data collection that will create issues for the autonomous vehicles.

Tipping Point

The collective wisdom of all the stakeholders says that the deployment of V2X and 5G is just a few steps away. The experts have only a few concerns about the initial benefits. Factually, the V2X system works only if other vehicles have the same system, otherwise, it will not be able to communicate. This limitation encourages the network operators, service providers, and automotive players to launch V2X only in a few applications initially. This dilemma can create delays in launching these applications that will help the manufacturers introduce fully-autonomous cars in the market.

With the involvement of more cars, the impact of V2X can be felt more conveniently. The consumers need to wait to enjoy this new technology because we can enjoy full benefits only if have the same technology in most of the vehicles. However, we can expect that V2X will be commercially available in the next few years.

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