A Guide To Help Getting You Through Unemployment

By April 24, 2019
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IT IS OK to not have a job for a while. IT IS OK to not get a direct placement right after graduation. IT IS OK to try new fields of career paths.

Unemployment is just a phase in your life. It is temporary and never stays for long. This is why it is essential to understand that it will pass and you will be actively involved in a prospering job very soon.

Not being employed is not the end of the world. You can still manage your everyday finances through your savings or through instant loans for unemployed. You can pay back once you are back on your feet or through your part-time income.

Whatever the reason behind not having a job today is, your future depends on where you go from here. You can either sit and sulk about your condition today, or you can do something to make it better. While the former will just worsen your condition and future aspects, the latter can prove greatly beneficial for you.

1. Don’t Procrastinate. Stay Productive.

Being at home highly triggers the lazy factor is humans. In the absence of a job, you find yourself having nothing to do. This becomes a very crucial time to not procrastinate and actively indulge in household activities. Follow a routine that you would have eventually followed if you were employed. Doing this will enable you to be physically and mentally active and not sulk in a corner.

Complete the chores you had been delaying earlier. Set goals in the morning and accomplish them before going to bed at night. Being productive will keep you motivated through the phase of being without a job.

2. Try Freelancing

You know you have skills, just not the luck to crack the right opportunity. Then why waste away your talent. Look for part-time freelance work online and earn some income. They might be short time contracts, but they help you in staying in touch with your field. Every work you do teaches you something and makes you grow.

Doing free-lance work gives you immense experience of different types. You stay unemployed while being temporarily employed. Your skills do not fade away and your morale is boosted too.

3. Learn a New Skill

This can be the best time to upgrade your resume. The working hours of a job might have made it difficult for you to learn the new technology introduced in your field. Use this off time in moving up in your career. Do an online certification or professional course that can help you get a better job when you go job hunting next.

Since these courses can prove to be a financial burden on you during your tight days of unemployment, you can apply online for an instant unemployed loan from direct lenders like Viva loans, Loan Store, etc. These are hassle free loans that come with a lot of flexible options and deals.

4. Be Updated and Connected

Do not let unemployment get into your head. Keep your mind fresh and do not try cutting yourself from your social groups. This is the best time to connect and stay around friends and family. You need them for emotional support.

Follow the news and events around you regularly. It will help you in finding a job and in feeling connected with the world. Go out more, hang out with your friends, watch the news, follow employment pages and try to stay in the loop as much as possible. You never know who might have an opening for you.

5. Stay Healthy

Jobs are temporary but your health is permanent. Do not starve yourself out of self pity or stress. You can only go job hunting and give your best at the interviews if you are healthy and look confident. An employer gets his first image of you through your physical attributes.

Stay positive, mentally strong, and do not compromise on health. Your health can be your best friend or biggest enemy during the days of unemployment. It prevents you from working and drains your finances too.

6. Join a Job Club/ Placing Foundation

The unemployment scenario is not uncommon in the UK. This has led to establishment of centres helping people to be put to work. If you are struggling to get placed, register yourself at one of these foundations.

These centres have been set up in various places to reduce unemployment across the country. You can easily get a job here. Even if it is not up to your skills and standards, the income will get you through tough financial times. Something is always better than nothing.

7. Make a Budget

Unemployment is not just about looking ahead and planning for the future. These days are also about handling what you have in hand already. Know your savings and income. Write down your monthly expenses. Make a strict budget through tough cost cutting techniques.

You have to save more money than before and you cannot act carelessly while spending.
Tell yourself that your expenditure has to stay limited within a fixed boundary. You would be free to go on a spree once you have a job again.

Your future is decided by how you handle your situations today. Staying positive will lead you towards a positive future. Unemployment is not something that does not have a solution. It can be overcome by right efforts and will to grow in life.