Why the Use of Differentiated Instruction in Classroom Teaching is Significant?

By February 18, 2019

It is no longer a secret that everyone has a unique personality and does undertake different approach to understand and learn new things. Students are no different when it comes to learning. They too have different style of learning. There are high possibilities that not all students will pick up the subject you are trying to teach in the same manner or share same level of capabilities. So the important question is what approach you should take to make sure the lesson you trying to deliver is understood by all the students present in the classroom?

The answer is pretty simple, you need to know your students strengths and weaknesses and after that try to plan any lesson. This may mean that you need to make use of the different instructional stratagems, or it you may have to think through conveying lessons at changing levels of difficulty based on the capabilities of the students. Indeed, make use of differentiated instruction. A trained teacher who has undertaken teacher training coursefrom a recognized institution is in a better position to incorporate this approach in their teaching.

As per the differentiated instruction, a teacher needs to ensure that they are creating lesson in a manner that the students are able to demonstrate what they have learned through the level of their readiness, interests and desired technique of learning. Broadly speaking, enrolling for the teacher training course you will be able to evaluate their student’s learning capabilities and styles simply by using formative evaluation and later on create lessons content to meet the requirement of all the students. This ensures a safe and constructive environment wherein no student feels left behind as they equally get the opportunity to understand the topic in the same manner as other does.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways teachers can incorporate differentiated instruction in the classroom teaching:

  • Content
  • Process
  • Learning atmosphere

You have to bear in mind that in your class there will be students who would not be at all aware of the lesson or topic you will teach. There will be some students who may know the concept to a certain extent, while there may be some who must be already aware of the concept you will be teaching. You need to keep everyone in mind before creating any lesson as you have to ensure everyone is on the same page. For this, you have to differentiate the content of the lesson simply by designing group activities that include students from different levels of capabilities when it comes to memorizing, understanding, and implication.

In the next level, you need to repeat the whole process so that people with different learning capabilities aren’t left behind and pace up with the students who are already familiar with the concept.  Lastly, learning atmosphere even plays a crucial role to ensure no student is breaking set rules.

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