Types of Online Proctoring Services to Help you Choose the Best One

By March 26, 2019

What is Online Proctoring?

Online Proctoring services are a great way to protect the integrity of the exam offered by monitoring the activities of the candidate during the course of the examination. You will be monitored while working on your computer via screen sharing. Your computer’s webcam, microphone, and speakers will be put to use for communication with your proctor. You will be monitored throughout the whole exam.

Types of Online Proctoring Services-

Live Online Proctoring

In Live Online Proctoring, a qualified proctor monitors the candidate through live video and audio feeds in real time. These proctors are trained in advance to ensure the authenticity of the candidate. They prevent any form of cheating by noticing the candidate’s behavior such as suspicious eye or facial movements. If a proctor notices any suspicious activity, he has all the rights to shut down the exam. The candidate and the proctor are not required to be present in the same location. Live online proctoring removes the location constraint. This service requires human involvement and is the most expensive of all the types.

Recorded Proctoring

The responsibility of this proctoring service is to record the activities of the candidate. The audio-video is recorded and the proctor is supposed to watch these recordings in a fast-forwarded way (3X to 20X speed). This method also requires human intervention as they are required to do the review and is expensive.  

Advanced Automated Proctoring

Advanced Automated Proctoring is the most unconventional form of proctoring. With the help of this proctoring service, it is easy to record the activities of the candidate and monitoring the red flags. The service is not expensive and requires no manual intervention. It also holds the power to monitor the feeds for any suspicious activity and uses face recognition to do student authentication.

Why is Online Proctoring Important?

Companies now find it easy to evaluate and recruit candidates with the help of online proctoring services. What if there is no proctoring and the candidate hired is different from the candidate who performed fabulously in the assessment? Here comes the role of online proctoring. This prevents the candidate from cheating and verifies their authenticity.

Factors driving the growth of Online Proctoring

ELearning has been enjoying unprecedented growth and every learner now prefers e-learning due to its flexible nature. It eliminates the high costs of proctored assessment centers as you can be assessed at your own comfort. This saves the learners time and money.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a Remote Proctoring Tool

Quick and easy integration with any existing LMS/ Assessment Engine is a must. Look for the one that is robust to avoid glitches. It should not limit itself to one geographical area. It should be an efficient one with more automation and excellent capabilities. This will help you better candidate experience.

Online Proctoring Services are the future of e-learning courses because of its smart and reliable features like facial recognition, keyboard, and facial movement analysis and will experience more growth in the future!

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