Cloud Computing has taken the world of technology by its stride. This has also increased the need for learning cloud computing. The most certain thing in the world of IT today is that it is always beneficial to get cloud training as the demand for them is bound to increase in the coming days as cloud computing will become vital to IT and businesses. Forbes stated that AWS created revenue of around $5.44 billion in the first quarter of last year.

What is AWS?

AWS or the Amazon Web Services comprised more than 100 cloud services which let the companies for launching database, security, storage, and many other resources. All these can be used for creating full application environments that are helpful for businesses to run applications, reduction in expenses and also scaling up of operations. The AWS functionality is usually charged by a pay model, and the customer has to pay depending on the type and number of resources consumed by it. AWS allows its users to both create and launch various web services which can be further used for:

  • Running web and various other application servers in the cloud for hosting various client-facing websites and other internal applications.
  • Storing all the files and other vital information securely on the cloud so they may be accessed from anywhere for data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Creation of managed databases based on known database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Sound data analysis services like AWS Kinesis, AWS QuickSight, AWS Glue, etc.
  • Creation of robust delivery networks for content like the AWS CloudFront etc. for distribution of static files like images, videos, etc.

Uses of AWS Certifications

  • Cloud Technology is the Future of IT: It is an open secret that cloud technologies have become the future of many businesses across the world. Even emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are further pushing cloud technology to newer heights. As per the latest survey was undertaken by Forbes, nearly 83% of enterprise workloads will move to the cloud by 2020. Going by the speed of adoption it is not wrong to say that in the coming times, an expert level of knowledge in cloud computing will be essential for all the IT professionals. Even the worldwide Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) market has grown by a significant figure of 29.5%, thus validating the fact that the adoption of cloud adoption by various organizations is slowing rising. AWS accounts for about 53.7% of the IAAS market while its closest competitor Microsoft has only 8.7% of the market share.
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  • Gold Standard of Cloud: AWS has emerged as a leader of the world of cloud computing. As per the latest Gartner survey, the cloud of Amazon is ten times bigger than the next 14 competitors. The offerings and features of the AWS cover almost all aspects of the technology. Also, it keeps on adding various offerings and also keeps innovating constantly. This helps it keep ahead of the competition.
  • Feasible: Amazon gives a very realistic certification and doesn’t need very specialized training. The training comes in three tiers namely,

Associate Level

  • Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Certified Developer Associate
  • Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

Professional Level

  • Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • DevOps Professional

Specialty Level

  • Security
  • Advanced Networking
  • Big Data

People usually begin their training as a Certified Solutions Architect Associate as it offers a wonderful platform for becoming more familiar with AWS core services and operations. This is also required if you want to go for professional and specialty examinations.

  • Growing Demand: Many studies have shown that AWS certifications are growing in demand as they have become as the most monetarily paying certifications in the recent IT ecosystem. Of course, there are many other factors that play a role like your basic skills, your experience in the field, geographic location, etc. The underlying point is that your competency in making use of Amazon cloud services will have a significant impact on your career progression. It has been seen that the salaries of AWS professionals in some of the premium areas are nearly 25% higher as compared to another venturing in the same line. It also places your resume ahead of others in a rapidly-growing market which is only going to get bigger.
  • Increased Migration of Enterprise Cloud to AWS: It is seen that organizations of all sizes and dimensions are increasingly shifting towards the AWS Cloud.  As per a report published by McKinsey’s Silicon Valley Group, about 77% of the organizations which were based on the traditional infrastructure of IT till 2015 have moved to the cloud-based infrastructure and the above figure dropped to just 43% in 2018. Although the shift is met with many challenges and difficulties as they have to rely on customized and other professional services from providers. Thus, this creates a demand for cloud professionals who can assist these organizations during the migration projects in a highly secure and organized manner.
  • Access to Free-Tier for Learning: All the professionals who are new and naïve to the field and want to get practical experience in the field are allowed to create a free AWS account and also access the free tier for about a year. Some of the known and popular AWS free services include- Elastic load balancing, Amazon RDS, EC2, S3, etc. There is obviously a limit to which each service can be accessed. This is a great advantage for people who want to start learning AWS. Thus, all the beginners can use to flexible pay-as-you-use approach and can make use of these services as per the hours and memory which they consume.


Thus, AWS will dominate the future, and it will soon be highly essential for getting the AWS certifications for the IT professionals to stay relevant in the field. In addition to the growing demand, making you more employable and landing you with better-paying jobs it will also be useful for the creation of greater networking chances with other certified candidates. Organizations are shifting to cloud technologies at astronomical rates, and thus the demand for certified professionals will grow as it will equip you to survive in the changing technology landscape.  

By Vikas Arora

Vikas Arora loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. he has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. he currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. His work has been published on various sites related to Oracle DBA, Digital Marketing, Big Data Hadoop, Java, Dot net, SQL, Data Science, Salesforce, AWS, PMP, DevOps, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

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