Top 10 Hot Technologies to Learn in 2019


Are you in search of any popular and career-oriented course that can provide you with a stable and long-term career then this article for you. Today there are many options in technical line to choose and it may be difficult for you to choose any popular and career-oriented course that can help you in shaping your career as a proficient technical aspirant. Here in this article, we have listed a few popular courses that are most in-demand and can provide you with a bright career. Employees must choose the course of their choice course and provider so that it can help then in shaping a successful career.

  • Blockchain Ethereum

It is a blockchain based open source software platform. In this technology, the transactions are recorded as blocks and these blocks are time- stamped and unaltered. The data stored in blockchain blocks are fraud resistant and cannot be altered retroactively. These blockchains are utilized by the developers to build and deploy any decentralized application.

The blockchain is basically a peer-to-peer electronic cash system through this one can do online Bitcoin payments. Code of Ethereum blockchain can run on any decentralized application and be used to manage records, transactions like bank loans, insurance, finance, and other industries.

All decentralized applications are more prone to corruption and can be easily attacked by third-party apps. This platform in empowering a number of industries like finance, insurance, real estate, and many others.

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is related to neural network and is 8th hot tech skill for the upcoming year. Learners are learning artificial intelligence to expand and enhance their skills and to compete in this innovative era. I AI machines learn from their experiences and s=enables computer science to perform their task that is accomplished through human intelligence like visual recognition, speech recognition, self-driving cars, and chess-playing.

AI has improved many industries and enterprises and made it effective and accurate in the past few years so is being used in a number of industries. Through AI even the scan images can be analyzed minutely and cancer like life-threatening decreases can be easily diagnosed. Here the patterns are identified. On PayPal like sites, money launderers can be identified. There are endless business applications of AI these days and these courses are just a few ones. So learning artificial intelligence can be beneficial for every technical aspirant.

  • Chef DevOps

The chef is a DevOps application tool that helps in managing the IT infrastructure automatically. It can help in managing servers or cloud. This configuration management tool can ensure that files and software will be present on a machine and are working properly by correct configuration. If you have to manage some servers then it may be possible but to manage a large amount or thousands of servers simultaneously can be quite difficult and time-consuming. Chef like third party software helps the management to automate the complete management process.

A chef is also a popular tool as it is being used by a number of organizations to manage their IT infrastructure, so by learning Chef you can become an infrastructure management professional and get a high paying job.

  • Apache Kafka

Companies become able to understand their customer behavior with the help of Apache Kafla like tools, even companies like Twitter or Airbnb are using Kafka like engines. Apache Kafka uses various types of information like likes, clicks, orders, shipping, shopping carts, and other user activities and on the basis of that information it performs predictive analysis and analyzes the customer behavior.

A high demand for Kafka professionals can be seen on the internet, so as the number of learners has also been increased. The questions for Kafka interview have also been sky-rocketed on popular technical forums sites like StackOverflow and GitHub. It is a clear-cut signal that Kafka is a trending skill and making a career in this tool can provide you with better job opportunities.

Integration of Kafka can empower businesses and organizations by integrating and synthesizing valuable data. They can remain one step ahead of competitors and even traditional enterprises are also taking help of Kafka like tools to compete in the business world.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM with huge adoption and maximum job prospects in 2019. Today, almost every Company needs a CRM system to manage customer relations in a robust manner. For this purpose, they need a 360-degree view of each customer so that they could pick up the conversation from the same point where it was left earlier. This is the reason every Company needs Salesforce experts to implement Salesforce correctly and learning Salesforce technology is advisable.

  • Project Management

Today a great number of learners are taking project management certification courses and so it has become a most in-demand skill of this era. This course teaches the way to effectively manage any project and for entry-level project managers, it can be the first certification to know all essential of this profile.

Project management is a continuously growing profession and in future, a large number of managers will be required. As per market survey reports a large number of qualified professionals will remain in demand. So, learning this skill will surely be beneficial for the aspirants.

  • Neural Networks/AI

The neural network is about learning how to push computer power to conduct deep learning. In the last few years, the demand of neural network professionals has been increased and will continuously increase. By the study of human brain facial expression recognition and human emotion, identification has been increased. Through artificial neural network human brain neuron simulation has been done and with the help of this, it can be easily identified that how human brain will react.

Today almost all industries like finance, healthcare, online retailing, agriculture, and many others are benefitted from the neural network. So, learning this technique will help you in shaping your career as a neural network professional.

  • SQL Database Skills

SQL is not a new trend in the IT marketplace but its popularity is increasing almost every day. Today, skilled SQL professionals are high in demand and their demand is expected to grow in near future too. Companies need skilled database professional who could handle all database related requirements gracefully. The average salary for a SQL professional is also very high.

  • QA Engineers

Every time you design a new product, it is tested for quality thoroughly either IT or Non-IT. The same is the case with software applications that are tested by QA experts once developed to add maximum quality to a product and increasing its adoption in the market as well.

  • Java

Java is ranked at the top since the time of its inception and things have not changed today. This is one of most secure and open source programming language that is used frequently in the IT marketplace. The demand for skilled Java professionals is increasing almost every day and the year 2017 would be a boom for job seekers in the Java domain.

Final Words:

The list of popular courses is not limited and there are plenty of tool and language-specific courses that can help you in shaping your career as a technical professional. These technical courses and languages are in-demand and used by business organizations and researchers frequently.

The application area of the technology has been advanced and many types of organization are using technology for their benefits. Even ROI of the business organizations has been increased due to the integration of these tools and technologies in their business operations and so they are hiring the experts.


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