The Potential of Professional Certifications to Uplift Your Career

By March 13, 2019

They say education is the most robust weapon that can empower you to bring change in this world and God knows it true.

Learning is something that should never stop. It must be constant and there should definitely be no age bar when it comes to acquiring knowledge. It holds even more relevance when you are working in a field as variable and competitive as human resources.

A trending way to earn proof of your knowledge and recognition for your skills in the current business scenery is by obtaining a relevant professional certification and for that very reason, you shall see a plethora of them in the HR industry because the only thing that is ‘constant’ in human resources is ‘change’ since it deals with the human aspect of an organization which is ever-evolving.

The beauty of professional certifications is that they are not meant for a specific stratum of people, but is for any and everyone who wish to widen the horizons of their knowledge irrespective of their age or position. And, human resources is a realm where professional certifications are respected more than anywhere else.

Though the HR domain doesn’t really demand you to have a particular degree or certification, it is always better to stay ahead of your competition by acquiring a certificate. Especially, if you are new to the area of HR and no other qualification can give the unparalleled competitive advantage that you receive through a certification.

The Topmost Advantages of Professional Certifications

1.    Life-learning – Most certification programs require you to get recertified every three to four years. So, it supports the concept of life-long learning and any professional who is certified shall be possessing the understanding of the best contemporary practices of the field. Therefore, they are immensely helpful for mid-career professionals looking to update their skills and become eligible for high-ranking, executive positions.

2.    Enhanced Credibility – Being certified surely boosts your credibility as your resume starts to speak for you when it comes to judging competencies. The testing and ratings are absolutely unbiased which means earning a certification genuinely elevates your status in the eyes of colleagues and industry experts.

3.    Mastery over HR principles – The idea behind certification programs is not just spreading theoretical knowledge and leaving the rest over the candidate. They endorse the notion of converting bookish learnings into practical applications and that helps employers to develop a faith in certified individuals.

When freshmen join a firm, there is an extensive training which employers need to provide for helping them understand the processes and grow in the organization, however, in case, one has a certificate, half of the troubles are eliminated from the system as you are already well-versed with the best practices of the domain.

4.    Infuses leadership qualities – Not everyone has the potential or qualifications to be a leader and the moment you earn a professional certification; you are ought to be perceived as one since your efforts of going out of your way to learn about the HR subject showcases your commitment towards it.

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