The Important Role Played by Big Data Developer Training in Your Career

By May 8, 2019

Innovation, productivity and competition are the directions of today’s businesses. All these are driven via Big Data and Analytics. Data is considered as one of the most important corporate assets as it redefines the core operations, business models and core competencies. These have contributed to the rising demand for Big Data Developer Training in Hyderabad.

These training programs are filling the gap in between the talent required by the industry and the talent available. In such a situation, the certification program plays a significant role as it will help the personnel in acquiring crucial skills and let the individual become capable to handle multiple roles in the organization framework.

Benefits of Big Data Certification

Getting certified is a great way to start a career as the Big Data Developer. It is proof of competency in the world of competition. In this technology advanced world where technology is ever changing, then it is a challenge for the individual to keep himself updated with the latest technologies.

The certification courses will help the individual to build the talent required by the company. So, doing data certification will be a great aid in boosting the career.

In fact, the growing prospects of Big Data and Analytics have been increasing which is resulting in good salary packages. So, it will give you a financially lucrative career.

There is a number of job profiles in Big Data Certification as one can choose the career as per his interest. He can become any one of these.

  • Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Big Data Development (Hadoop, Python, R and so on)
  • Administration

You can choose any of these that suits your preference. Data Science Training & Certification in Hyderabad will help you in getting the desired career profile.

The training program will meet the demands of the organization as the organizations are dealing with the complexity of analyzing the data and processing it.

Big Data professionals improve the efficiency and productivity of the business. The designation in the industry is based on the perspectives i.e. one who stores the data and one who processed the same.

Job Roles

● Big Data Developer

● Hadoop Administrator

● Big Data/Hadoop Test Engineers

● Big Data Solution Architect

● Data Scientist

● Big Data Researcher

● Big Data Analyst

● Big Data Manager

Individuals can get job opportunities in various sectors. These are as follows:

  • E-commerce and Customer Service
  • Event Analytics
  • Cross-channel Analytics
  • Use of predictive analytics
  • Telecommunication
  • Revenue assurance along with price optimization
  • Call detail record analysis
  • Mobile user location analysis
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Disease Pattern Analysis
  • Patient Care Quality
  • Clinical trials data analysis
  • Drug development analysis
  • Web and Digital Media
  • Ad targeting and analysis
  • Analytics of large scale clickstream
  • Finances and Fraud Services
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Analytics
  • Credit risk and analytics
  • Trade surveillance
  • Trading pattern analysis
  • Retail
  • Campaign Management
  • Behavior-based targeting
  • Analytics of supply based management

Xebia academy is a reputed institution for Big Data Developer Training in Hyderabad. So, join the training program will give you new ways to build your career.