Structure of courses and studies in architectural colleges

By September 25, 2018
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The subject of Architecture is interesting and involves a combination of planning, designing, and construction. What you will learn from this course is the art and science of constructing the building and other physical structures. It encapsulates a complex design and the structure of a building. There are many architecture colleges in India which offer degree and certificate courses in architectural designing.

To pursue a course in Architecture you need to have a highly creative, visual, and technical bent of mind. Let us delve deep to have a clear understanding of what are the courses and structure that compromises the architectural course:

Courses in Architecture: This stream teaches the methodology and style of design and construction. The following are the courses involved:

Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry are a must to pursue a course in Architecture. You need to know your calculations and formulas by heart. Calculus is a prerequisite to complete your architectural degree. The use of mathematics in this course is necessary because it is used in the engineering of buildings. Geometry is needed to define the spatial form of a building.

Probability and Statistics: A statistical view of architectural design is significant in the methodology of building physical structures. There are many factors that exist in the design and engineering area of all components in the architectural realm. Probability theory and statistical inference are used to identify discrete and continuous random variables.

Structural Analysis and Designing: This course emphasizes on the historical development of structural form. To know about the deep-seated intricacies of architectural details you must learn about the evolution of structural design. This programme of the analytical methodology will also teach you the environmental impact and hazards of large-scale constructions. Under the designing realm, you will learn about the design and behavior of beams, columns, arches, frames, and all other structural frames. You will also learn about the procedure of materials testing and the procedure of model building.

You can pursue a 5-year degree course in this field. It is known as the degree of B.Arch. This program that’s been approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. With this, you will be trained in architectural theory and construction technology. You can also take up computer-aided design courses to learn to create 3-D structures and models. The best architecture colleges in India offer degrees at both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Levels.

After completing a B.Arch., you can further plan to enhance your knowledge in the field of architecture by pursuing a 2-to-3-year professional M.Arch. Program. This will help you to become a licensed architect. With this degree, you will further learn the detailed methods of freehand drafting and designing.

If you plan to pursue the study of architectural designs and construction methodology in future you should start preparing for it from your high school. Make sure you are well conversant with your theorems and trigonometry laws. You can also try to take up additional courses in drafting and designing. Pursuing a career in this field is no child’s play and you must put in extraneous efforts from the beginning.

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