Smart Education Through Smart Phones- New Era Of Learning

By April 15, 2019
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Online education has been gaining popularity since its inception. With the technological era, online education platforms have become the first choice of learners as it is flexible, affordable, and easy to use. Even e-learning mobile apps have gained immense popularity as it offers easy learning anywhere anytime. One can not only gain new knowledge and skills but can also spread the knowledge with others who seek to broaden their pool of knowledge and skill set. E-learning not only provides education without attending traditional school or knowledge but also makes it more amusing for the learner through audiovisual aid. Apart from education one can also learn a specific skill set or do a special training course through e platform as it allows visual interaction between learner and teacher and allow the instructor to demonstrate and show complex concepts to the learner for better understanding. E-learning has been revolutionary in the education sector as it has reached every person who seeks knowledge and adds to their existing knowledge. Online education also helps any nation, community, or society to build a skillful and knowledgeable workforce that can contribute to the progress of the country. Imparting education through the traditional way by creating institutions and universities require infrastructure, state of the art equipment and other investments which can be a hinder to spread education to maximum people. On the other hand, E-learning or online instructor-led training requires only mobile or computer and an internet connection to pursue education and have wings for the bright future

Below are some of the benefits of E-learning:

  • Reach to the Masses – In this modern era, the internet has gained access to every corner of the world thus it helps the online education system to reach out to the maximum number of learners regardless of their geographical barriers.
  • Affordability – Instead of spending a hefty amount of on fee and other expenses on getting education through the traditional way one can gain far more knowledge through online e-learning platforms or e-learning mobile apps at negligible cost.
  • Eco-Friendly – Traditional way of education requires land, buildings, paper, and other resources which can put the burden not only on authorities but also on nature’s mother. As e-learning does not require big buildings or demand to cut trees to create a paper for reading material it is environment friendly and contributes to reducing pollution.
  • Mobile – One need not adjust their schedule when it comes to e-learning. One can take the lecture according to their need and time which suits them. It gives flexibility to the student and makes it easier to learn and do other things simultaneously.
  • Amusing – As online education and online led instructor training can be done via audio and visual methods it makes learning more interesting and enhances the interaction among students and teachers.

Education to the population whether online or in schools enhances the overall personality of people and give them holistic growth which in future helps them to deal with uncertain situations in an effective way.