Major Types of Academic Essays Students Must Know


An essay can be of different types and styles. The technique of writing depends upon the nature of the desired essay. The detailed oration of the peculiar topic covering each and every corner of the topic makes an essay more attractive and engaging. There is already a lot of buzz and confusion about different types of essay. A layperson might ask a question, how many types of essay are there?

It is crucial to write an essay which is effective and might become a source for academic success as nowadays it is a common practice to write an essay for different purposes, either for admission or any other academic test. There are four main types of essay writing. These writing include Descriptive essays, Narrative essays, Expository essays, and Persuasive essays. The content and writing purpose of the writer decides either an essay is addressing an issue or about personal experience.

When I was studying in university for acquiring my professional degree, I was asked by my professor to write a persuasive essay, which should be informative and effective. To write my essay online, first I need to distinguish between the four major types of essay writing, aforementioned. The essay must be of specific topic. It is also important to write an essay for a targeted audience. If you are a student, your audience can be your professor or tutor, and if you are a lecturer, your audience might be the individuals whom you are teaching or delivering information on a specific topic.

Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay tells about a picture in operative words. In this writing technique, any significant memory, object, place or a person is described. The meaningful details should be shown to the readers. Expressive thoughts and colorful words with deeper meaning are the key elements to write a descriptive content. The material of an essay must appeal and engage the emotions of the reader. The conclusion of the descriptive essay must be highly evocative that forces the reader to read it again and again.

Narrative Essay

If you are looking for some creative writing, a narrative essay is the best choice for you. In these writing styles, the professional essay writers always share the experiences of their life that are based on reality and some fictional characters. It can be made more attractive by narrating it in the form of a story. The writing should be clear and engage the readers. These are written in the first person’s perspective. They must give a reader a feeling that they are part of the story. It should start with the proper introduction and ends with a reasonable conclusion.

Expository Essays

When you have to write on any informative topic, the expository essay writing method is the best mode of writing. In this type, a writer gives a complete analysis of the desired topic. A topic can be of any field. The definition of the topic, statistics, fact, and examples are shown to the reader in great details. In Expository essay style, there are also further subtypes of writing practices. There is a wide range of writing variations which might include

  • Contrast and comparison essay
  • Process essay
  • Cause and effect essay

This style of writing is grounded on the facts and figures that also includes the statistics of the concerned topic. The personal thoughts and emotion of the writer must not include in the document, and it should not be written in the first person perspective.

Persuasive Essay

The purpose of lettering a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to accept the recommendation and opinion of the writer on a specific topic. It is crucial to assemble the topic on the basis of logic and facts. The sound reasoning, relatable and effective examples and opinions from experts can beautify the creation of a perfect persuasive composition. The composition should be clear and vibrant enough to cover each and every side of the argument. The method of communication in the document must be effective and without having any ambiguousness. It must be noticed that writing manner should be convincing rather than informing. I hope this explanation would end the confusion among different essay types and help individuals especially students to write an effective write-up.

Apart from knowing about various essay practices, you should know about the structure of the essay. It should consist of proper introduction highlighting the problem statement and objectives. The body of the content must contain an appropriate explanation and description of the topic. Conclusion and recommendation are the most important part of any document. The readers always have an interest in the conclusion part. The reader wants to know about what a writer has suggested to overcome the problem mentioned in the introduction. The introduction, body and conclusion part must be interlinked to each other. As these are the key elements to write an effective essay.

Major Types of Academic Essays Students Must Know


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