Live the Boarding School Experience

By October 5, 2018

So you’ve been told that attending a boarding school is all work and no play. But think about this, have these people, who supply you with this kind of information, had a boarding school experience? The answer will be a no because if you ask a person who has lived the boarding school life, they will tell you how it was the best time of their lives.

Infact, boarding schools have evolved over the years and they are now well rounded institutions that celebrate academics, the arts and literature, cultural diversity and  athletic ability to make sure that you turn out into something good and get into an elite college that will help you grow further. 

Given below are facts that should change how you view boarding schools and the reality associated with them.

  • Diversity is rare at boarding schools’ is a myth. If you look at the demographics, more than ¼ of boarding school students students are international students or they belong to some ethnic minority. The top ranking boarding schools in india are infact more diverse and broader than public schools. They actively seek people of different backgrounds and geographic areas in comparison to local schooling options that depend on the neighbourhoods. Here the majority of the population belongs to only a few etnicities and also a similar pattern of socio economic lines. Not just that, boarding schools create a number of meaningful opportunities for students so that they can  interact with one another. It can be in dorms, in classrooms or in playing fields, you will find yourself surrounded by a wide variety of people and a part of these people  will become your friends.

You will really have a lot of fun. Compared to the saying which says that kids only work and study  in boarding schools, you will  actually have the time of your life there. Rules and curfews are a part of the boarding school experience, however that would be there if you were back at home as well. If you think a boarding school is very strict then you’ll be surprised to know that a boarding school is an absolute joy ride. You get to make friends that will last you through thick and thin because they are with you 24×7 when you live at the boarding school. You should always remember that even though boarding schools put a strong emphasis on academics they teach, you learn lifelong values and most importantly, you learn independence.

The best affordable boarding schools in india give you time to do something with your free time and give you the option on how to utilise that time. What activities you pursue in the long run will help you will shape your experience in school and will help you grow. Not only will you just pursue your interests, you will also meet new people along with getting an opportunity to pursue your interests and get find the entire experience rewarding and fun. Boarding schools will shape your life and along with that, they will give you a lifetime of memories.