Learning VLSI Methods at Institutes in Bangalore for Immediate Job Placement

By December 6, 2018
VLSI institutes in Bangalore

One of the emerging technologies of today is in the chip industry. The Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) technology involves the assembly of computer integrated chips. These find a use in modern day electronic items, military research, medical equipment building, and making day to day gadgets. Here we assemble many thousands of transistors into one chip so it becomes very powerful.

Join a Good Institute

This is most suitable for electrical and electronic engineers and it gives their career a boost. You can undergo this course at any of the VLSI institutes in Bangalore. Many of them give you 100% placement assistance as soon as you finish the course. So, you will not have to worry about anything other than studying and finishing the course. It is important to find a suitable institute where you learn the basics and details from industry professionals. They will have hands of experience in handling the hardware and will know which problems will arise and how to tackle them.

It is important that the institute is registered with the government as a legal teaching centre and has at least a couple of years of experience in teaching and placing students. You can check their previous batches and see how they do the placement. The best course to join is QCDPE or QCDVE in Bangalore. These courses teach the subject exhaustively so you become thorough with the topic. One is a design course while the other is a verification of design course.

Syllabus Covered in this Course

You will learn Basic data types, arrays, loops, queues, and tasks related to the chip design. They teach you clocking blocks, interfaces, and file management. These are concerning program blocks. The next week is devoted to Object-Oriented Programming, Hierarchical classes, and statistical methods. You learn shallow copy, deep copy, inheritance, and data hiding.

The second part in this week deals with polymorphism constructs for constraints, static constraint blocks, and functions in a constraint. The next week you learn about In-Line constraints, Scope Randomization, Semaphore, and mailbox. Other important topics you will cover include System Verilog Test Bench Architecture, Low Power Verification, and Gate Level Simulation, UVM Sequence Item, and Phasing.

Do Part-Time Weekend Course

If you do not have time to do the regular course, then you can do the weekend courses. Check at the VLSI coaching centres in Bangalore for this option and complete the course in about 8-9 weeks’ time. The regular course is for 6 months. Here you learn soft skills development program. You do assignments with fully automated Verification flow (verification course). You will get to do a 6-week project as per industry-accepted protocol. This will involve Low Power Design and Verification. As already mentioned, you will be placed by the institute themselves.

It is important to give your career a boost by adding to your qualifications with this course. You will get the best career and you do not have to go to too much trouble either. There is a good demand for engineers with chip design qualification and so you will get a nice, high-paying job. Get in touch with the VLSI centre today to know more.

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