Justified Reason Why Journalism Is a Good Career

By September 25, 2018
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Only a committed observer can become a journalist of value. Journalism is the one and only powerful career that can make the mass aware of the current scenario, make the mass think and get vocal. If you ever thought or imagined of becoming a good journalist, and felt there were not enough reasons to back up your decision, then probably the prime reason of human welfare have not triggered you yet.

There are ample reasons why you should choose journalism as your career. Journalism is the right career for you if you love to stand by the truth, not bothered by the prejudices of society and only think righteousness to be your ideal virtue. There are various colleges that provide BA journalism course in Delhi NCR to guide you with their best faculty and latest infrastructure.

Feed Your Curiosity

If you’re the kind of person who always wants to get in-depth regarding the whole story, and never fails to reach that goal, then journalism is for you. If you’re always curious about certain things and want to get to the bottom of their causes, then it will be a nice choice to opt for journalism.

It always takes a very special kind of person, to be that much curious regarding certain topics or objects. Also, it takes a special kind of talent as well, to be able to extract information out of people, who don’t want to give it to you very easily. Also, if you’re always excited about doing more research – be it primary or secondary – you’ll instantly know the reason why you should opt for journalism.

Penchant for Travelling

If you like going to various places and exploe more corners of the earth, then; journalism is the perfect career for you. You will get to go to places where you never imagined being.

There are various opportunities for exploration, like boarding a helicopter or even an airplane as well – in case you’ve never boarded one in your life. You have to be brave and travel to different continents, countries, and cultures all around the world. The whole job will be very interesting and inspiring.

Love for Writing

If you’re that kind of person who loves to write a lot, be it articles, content or even in various newspapers or blogs, then journalism should be your go-to career option. You have to constantly take notes of what you’re doing or who you are interviewing, and keep all your thoughts well written inside a note for you, to recapitulate later. These are the signs of a good journalist, without any doubt.


It can be easily said that even though journalism is a very difficult career to start off, it’s still a very rewarding career. You not only get to travel places and pursue what you like to do in your life but you also get a way to influence other people’s lives.

Journalism is all about talking to people, getting to know them, influence them with your own words, etc. This is the reason why you should build your journalism career from the best journalism colleges in Delhi NCR. It will be well worth all the time and money.

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