“It makes me proud when I see Indian students emerging as experts in every field,” says Sanjay Dalmia

By October 23, 2018
Indian students

Tycoons of Indian origin are making waves all across the globe. They are said to be the wealthiest and most highly educated immigrants. Owing to their achievements, the country is flourishing on various levels, and enhancing its global stature.

Well-known for their wit and fortitude, Indians continue to prove their mettle in different nations.

“Be it the health services in Britain, or the software industry and NASA in the USA, fellow Indians are everywhere. It makes me proud when I see Indian students emerging as experts in every field – from IT sector to rocket science,” says the well-known nationalist Sanjay Dalmia, chairman of Dalmia Group.

As per a study in Harvard Business Review 2013, India had a 30 per cent share in the Fortune Global 500 Company CEOs — that is, CEOs who are heads of companies headquartered in a country not their own.

Current trends show that Indians are dominating the world in the field of technology and business, says Sanjay Dalmia, who takes immense pride in being Indian. Ajay Bhatt — an Indian-American computer architect who is known as the father of the USB standard; Vinod Dham — father of the Intel Pentium processor; Sundar Pichai — the chief executive officer of Google Inc, are just to name a few.

Gunit Chadha, the co-chief executive officer of Duetche Bank Asia Pacific, has also helped various Indian entrepreneurs in connecting to their counterparts across countries like Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc.

Hailing from Jaipur, Ryuko Hira is one of the most successful and richest Indians in Japan. He heads the Ora Group of Companies along with various other business organisations.

Sameer Sain, the co-founder and managing partner of Everstone Capital, is yet another India-based tycoon who has attained commendable success in Singapore.

Statics show that it is not just the men, Indian women too have gained repute and credit abroad. Ruchi Sanghvi is the first Facebook’s female engineer breaking through the male-dominated field. With an estimated net worth of $375 million, Nishita Shah is currently the largest individual shareholder of a dry-bulk shipping company in Thailand. She also owns a fashion label named Nsha.

With such shining examples, sky is surely the limit for us Indians, when it comes to success not just in their native country, but across the globe.

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