Important Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting the Best Engineering College

By May 7, 2019
best engineering college in India

Important Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting the Best Engineering College

Selecting the right and best engineering college is an important decision as it is significant for you in terms of career. These four years of engineering will give you a ladder of success to the career. It is something which will decide the career path and it must not be like last moment decision.

So, it is not just only passing the entrance exams of engineering with good marks. However, a decision on the right college always matters. There are many options available in the market and all colleges claim to be the best one with world-class infrastructure and placement facilities. However; we cannot blindly trust on these claims.

Hence, discussing some guidelines to shortlist our list of engineering colleges and picking the best will definitely assist you in taking admission in the best engineering college in India.


The infrastructure of the engineering institutions matters a lot as it must be well-maintained building along with all necessary labs and equipment. There should be a computer lab and workshops too. As one has to study for four years in a college to get a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, therefore, the engineering college must have all the necessary things. Thus, selecting the college must also consider the infrastructure of engineering college.


It is another salient factor. Along with the infrastructure, faculties of the institute are an important thing to consider. Do some research in finding the whereabouts and education background of the faculty and it will include the professors, lecturers, readers, visiting faculty and so on. Generally, one can find this information on the website of the institute.

Ranking of College

Look for the ranking of college as it will surely help you in selecting the best engineering college. In many magazines, yearly, they release the list of best ones and provide ranks to them. Check the list and see whether your desired college is there.

A few parameters to note down

Write down your parameters on which you want to evaluate the engineering colleges. It can be as follows:


  • Location: whether it is rural or urban
  • How much distance it is from your home
  • Private and Government


  • Scholarship/Financial Aid
  • Campus resources
  • Class Size
  • Social Life
  • Internships
  • Placement
  • Branch of engineering


While selecting an engineering college for you, do not forget to see for the placement provided by the college. It is the fundamental criteria to select the one for your admission. Placement offered in the colleges depends on many factors like faculty, college rank, the performance of past students in a company and so on. Apart from this talent as well as the personality of students also matters in the placement.

In this manner, take a look at the previous record of the placement of college and see how many students got the placement and what was the average package offered during placement. In which branch, the college got the highest placement.

You can get all this information via the personal visit to the college or dig the official website. In fact, education counselor can, in addition, offer their help. However, DIT University has established its name in this field as the best engineering college.

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