How to Start your Career as a Big Data Engineer?

By November 15, 2018

Skilled big data engineers are continuously in demand and the requirement is increasing every day for such professionals. No matter what is the size of an organization, either big, medium or larger, the demand for data engineers is increasing continuously because every organization needs robust infrastructure to access and store the organizational information.

What is the role of data engineer in any organization and how can one become a data engineer can be understood by this article. So, just go through the article and know about essential skills and certifications recommendations for big data engineers.

The average salary of a Big Data Professional is given as $178,776 and other similar roles to Data Engineer include Data Scientists and Data Analysts. People are usually confused between two similar roles Data Scientist and Data Engineer. So, this is worth understanding the difference between two and their salary packages too.

Data Engineers vs. Data Scientists

However, both these roles share the same responsibilities, but they are different too in multiple aspects. Data scientists are expected to interact with data sources instead of building and maintaining them. Both of them have to analyze and identify the current market trends and identify the relations between various data categories. At the same time, variety of tools and techniques are also available to analyze and maintain the data as per organization standards.

  • Data scientists are expected to interact with data infrastructure, data models, and data statistics or reports. They are expected to take the raw data and provide actionable insights with the help of advanced models and algorithms.
  • Data Engineers are responsible to build infrastructure and generate the data architecture. They are required to generate meaningful statistics or insights by analyzing data from multiple data sources. The job role of a Data engineer involves knowledge of many tools and data analytics techniques. Data engineers are focused on advanced mathematics and statistical techniques too.

They can also be differentiated in terms of salaries as well. The average salary package of a big data professional in the USA is given as $178,779 while the average salary of a data scientist is given as $242,000.

The Role of a Big Data Engineer

Data engineers are expected to create and maintain the infrastructure analytics that may help the organizations to execute and operate their all organizational functions. The organizations can use these functions to develop, construct, test, and maintain the architecture of even large-scale systems.

The engineers are also expected to develop dataset processes that can be used for mining, modelling, verification, and data acquisition. They must know the common scripting languages and tools for this purpose. Even they are expected to use the skills that can help them in improving data quality and data analytics systems.

Essential Key Skills needed to become a Big Data Engineer

Data scientists and engineers expected to know and understand the database management and even they must know and possess the required skills that are listed below:

In-depth knowledge of database solutions and SQL

Data Engineers have to deal with data so are expected to have in-depth or deep knowledge of database management system. Knowledge of SQL system is hugely beneficial for the engineers and can help them in taking organizational beneficial decisions timely and in an organized manner.

Knowledge of ETL tools and Data warehouse architecture

ETL experience and knowledge of data warehousing are important for this position. Knowledge of Redshift or Panoply like data warehousing tools is necessary. Additionally, they are expected to know about Segment and stitch data like tools. They must be familiar with the data storage trends and retrieval tools are needed frequently by professionals

Hadoop-based Analytics

The professionals must be familiar with Hadoop tools like HBase, Hive, and MapReduce. They are required to know about all Hadoop tools and must be familiar with them so that they can easily analyze and understand the client requirement.

Machine Learning Concepts

At one hand, data scientists are expected to know about data deeply that is why they must know somewhat about statistical analysis and data modeling tools that may be proven hugely valuable. They must have huge and deep knowledge of data analytics.

Machine learning is part of data analytics, so the engineers are expected and required to know the tactics of machine learning. In this way, the candidates can make themselves extremely marketable. Knowledge of machine learning tools and techniques can make you a perfect match for the job.

Basic Coding Knowledge

Knowledge of coding is essential and must for the data engineers as many times they may have to code their app and create a perfect and matched solution for their clients. Data engineers may be required to possess coding knowledge of various languages like Python, Java, C/C++, Golang and many other languages.

Even knowledge of various languages can help them in executing various roles and responsibilities easily. Coding knowledge is the basic but not must requirement for Data Science professionals. Coding may help them to learn various tools and applications.

Knowledge of Multiple Operating Systems

There are a number of operating systems in the market and knowledge of all or a few of them can make you a perfect data engineer. Operating systems are must for every data professional and it is essential for the professionals to know basics and all required details of the operating systems so that they can be used by them while designing any application.

Certification recommendations for Big data Engineers

Data engineering is a traditional career option and the persons who teach or learn it, does not require any specific degree, in fact, data scientists are expected to have computer science degree and may be required to have any specific certification program. You must have any valuable certification of any specific vendor. Some of the data engineering certifications are listed below:

  • IBM Certification: IBM provides Big Data certification that is specifically used by the Big Data professionals, even they are required to have specific skills rather than any general skill set. This can be a recognized and valuable certification.
  • Google Certification: This certification can prove that the professionals are familiar with data engineering principles and can easily work with any field or associated function or field.
  • CCP Data Engineer: This certification may help to prove that the candidate has the skills and knowledge of ETL tools.

There are even a number of online courses and certifications that can help the aspirants in getting knowledge of their favorite tools. You can find the data science course or chose the relevant certification that is suitable as per the current job role. By choosing the appropriate certification, you can always become an appropriate candidate as per industry requirements.

Final Words:

Big data or data science is the profession that has become most in-demand and is required by most of the organizations. This article covers all the basic and essential skills to become the industry ready professional. You may even find a number of learning resources that can help you to shape the career as a successful data scientist expert.

Data scientist and data engineers are two professions that may require almost similar skills so choose the appropriate skill and be an industry-ready and successful professional as the data scientist or data engineer.