How to Create your own Online Job Portal?

By December 10, 2018
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There are times when we encounter with hard times in finding the desired job. But, the internet has helped a lot in simplifying this process. There is a plethora of websites always available to show your desired jobs in seconds. But, if you are planning to have a jobs search website of your own, then wait and think about it- whether you are ready to fight against the competition already booming in this industry.

If you have decided to go with it, then you need to follow a well-prepared and managed process.

Following are the steps to go through for having a successful job searching website:

  • Step 1: Plan for it

Every work process starts with the same step, which is “Planning”. This is the first stage of your big project. You have to think about all the features and functionalities, which should be included into the website. For a job searching website, you can add attributes, like finding a job in the user’s local area or allowing a video-based interview, etc. Keeping unique features will magnetize more users to your job portal.

Decide the name, it should be easy to pronounce and remember. Plus, plan the revenue generating models too. Without these models, you cannot earn money from your website.

  • Step 2: Code your Website

The main task of your project is to make your idea alive. In the developing world, it is done by programming. Code is written in various website programming languages by the developers. If you know any website code language, then you can do this tough work yourself or you can just hire a developer to code your website for you.

The website should be coded without any errors or bugs. And, it must be user-friendly.

  • Step 3: Buy a Domain Name

While your website is being developed, you can do this simple task that does not take much time nowadays. Search the name available using several online tools. There might be a chance that the name, which you are looking is not available. In this situation, you would have to change or modify your name.

  • Step 4: Buy Hosting

It is the virtual storage area, where the files of your website will reside. The website can be managed using the control panel. Usually, you can buy hosting with the domain name or vice versa. Try to get the best hosting provider because the website depends on it.

  • Step 5: Launching your Website

The website is ready to be launched in the market. In other words, the website is uploaded to the internet to make it available to the world. Check whether everything is going right. Ask your friends to visit the website and give an honest feedback.

  • Step 6: Attracting Visitors and Recruiters

Launching the website is not the last task for you. The hardest stage starts here. You have to promote your website to increase the users’ base where they can find jobs for themselves. Recruiters are the backbones of the website because they post jobs. Keep updating your website with improvements and new features.