How To Become A Children’s Book Illustrator?

By June 19, 2019
Children's Book Illustrator

Those who love Fantasy and Adventure, and have a knack for illustrating as well, find the profession of illustration exceptionally alluring. Children’s book illustration is especially interesting because it gives an illustrator a chance to be creative and imaginative on an entirely new level. Children love absurd fantasies, magical adventures, and the tales of unknown lands. A children’s book illustrator can enjoy crafting amazing story plots and illustrate those stories creatively all day long, and then get paid for that. This is an attractive opportunity, as it fulfills the creative appetite of the individual and provides materialistic benefit as well.

This profession is a dream of many who love illustrating and children’s literature. However, many creative minds find it difficult to take serious steps to become a professional children’s book illustrator. The struggle to become a published children’s book illustrator is terrifying as many fail in the first few steps. That is because they do not know where to begin and how to move forward in the field of illustration. This article is to provide the readers with a guide about how they can join the profession of children’s book illustration and continue it successfully. Lets explore some of the most efficient tips.

Explore your Imaginations!

The rule that needs to be learned and followed first, is to build a strong habit of mining your imagination. Explore new illustration ideas and practice them. Create something new every once in a while to explore your capabilities and keep your skills to imagine out of the box, afresh. Doodling here and there and saving the instant ideas can be a game changer for illustrators. Exploring your own imagination for creative illustration ideas will help you develop a particular vision regarding illustration and you will get a chance to refine your capabilities and techniques.

Stamina is Crucial

No matter how much you enjoy drawing and illustrating on the virtual platforms, when you will enter the professional setup, you will need more stamina. Creativity alone cannot help you out and you need the patience to keep working on your projects for weeks without burning out and losing your passion and vision for the projects due to exhaustion and mental draining. The stamina and sustenance come with experience and practice and so, an illustrator must work on building his or her artistic stamina by practicing regularly.

Know what Happens

The illustrators who have worked as freelancers and are not purely inexperienced understand that working on children’s book illustration or any other type of book illustration is not a simple job. The illustrator have to keenly analyze the demands of the project and work creatively around each aspect of the illustrations. They have to be pleasant, relatable, appropriate for kids, meaningful, and thought provoking as well. In addition, the illustrator has to think about how the illustrations will look after publishing in hard copies and in online book illustration.

Taking care of all of this while maintaining your personal illustrating style in your works is difficult. Other than this, an illustrator also has to handle other things along with work, such as communicating with the publisher or the client back to back and discuss stuff, and researching for information and inspiration. Doing it all in a professional setup consumes a lot of mental energy and cannot be regarded as easy or convenient. It takes a lot of effort and management skills to deal with all of it. New illustrators should understand this and be not shocked when they practically face it.

Think Out of the Box

It is important for the illustrators who are willing to build their career in the children’s illustration to ensure that the work pressure and other troubles do not make them stop their inner child. They need to come up with ideas that will be interesting, humorous, engaging, and meaningful for their audience, i.e., the young minds. They should not feel embarrassed for designing images that do not make any sense for the adult audience and should focus on their real audience only. If the illustration are enjoyable for kids and can deliver the message, they should be considered acceptable.

Combine Ideas to Generate Fascinating Illustrations

Illustrations for children have to be interesting and one of the most amazing ways to make them interesting is by using two ideas combined. Observing classic illustration books for kids will help you explore ideas that can be combined to formulate something new and interesting. Children love unique ideas and amalgams of subjects in one illustration.

These are one of the most amazing tips to build professional illustration skills and keep growing in the profession. Remember that your skills and creativity are the most valuable skill and you need to keep working on them to make them more valuable.

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