How Master of Technology Advances your Engineering Career

By January 8, 2019

With the superfluous faculty and multidimensional research based structure, the aspirants of M.Tech are engaged with the state of the art technology, experimentation, and research based analysis  under the chamber of an expert team of faculty and with the cutting edge technologies like the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotics, IOT, Data Science, Automation and Design Thinking.

With the edge of a technologically advanced era, M.Tech is the best sought program which is a two-year specialized program that graduate engineers can opt for. Not only in theoretical but the institution is based in proving advancements in the practical implementation in skills of both Engineering and execution of the best level of technology altogether.  

While studying M.Tech, students imbibe an urge to know about the latest top notch technological advancements with a good understanding of all the issues and resolving them with expertise. There are many benefits of pursuing the program of M.Tech. The program allows the students to persist as the most vital part of every country with sufficient knowledge of deep technology and managerial abilities in the same field of engineering.

Benefits that Follow M.Tech

With the rise of the technology graciously across the globe, there has been a demand for the technology experts who can invent ideologies, think critically and also resolve all the essential technological problems. JKLU is popular for its imminent courses that outshine all others in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Technologies and Design Thinking, as well as Data Science.

With hands on state of the art technology, the institution has world class learning resource center, department laboratories, mentorship alignment with students, and extended focus on the faculty engagement on research and development. With enormous campus of 30 acre campus, the University has 53 well-equipped labs, and creative solutions.

M.Tech after B.Tech is a value addition to your educational qualification. It ensures brilliant positions of students at workplace. With an M.Tech, a student is exposed to a higher degree in Engineering which allows their presence in both private and public job specializations. With well-paid jobs, the students get a wider impact of technological studies into their profile after B.Tech.

Eligibility for Pursuing M.Tech

  1. An aspirant must have qualified GATE which is a joint examination conducted by the IIT’s and IISC, Bangalore.
  2. The students who hold interest in the course must make sure that they have keen interest in technological advancements and good hold over technical subjects.

Career Prospects for an M.Tech

The career of an M.Tech outshines in not only the corporate sectors but the public sector and teaching profession as well. With core research and development prospects, the students who have pursued the same can have better security in jobs in well-known companies like Microsoft and Google. After you have accomplished the Masters, you can indulge into the engagement into the PhD research including the research of technical literature, prototyping ideas, mentoring, and also guide future driven research directions.