How can I get a fresher software job at MNC’s in India?

By July 2, 2019
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Every year millions of engineers complete their bachelor’s degree in India. And everyone wants to start his career with the world’s best software company, but some of them get jobs only, let’s leave the best software company.

Why do the engineers who graduate do not take the job what kind of skills they are lacking? So today we will discuss the same thing, what should they do to get the maximum number of student jobs.

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1. The first tip is that if you have done a course in Java, dot net, PHP, etc in college time then it is not necessary that you take a job in the same programming language, you should apply for all domain.

The reason behind that if you are looking for a job for the particular domain so you directly reduce interview opportunity and suppose you placed a big MNC’s like Infosys, TCS, CGI, etc. So it is not necessary that they provide you project on the same language which you mentioned in your resume, sometimes they put on a different domain. You have to learn from scratch.

One more important thing which is freshers has a myth that they will work in the same domain always. This is not correct. For software Engineer, time to time they update skills and learn new things.

2. You have technical knowledge but it should be practical. Because every company in this internet era would like to hire a practical knowledge person. Show your live projects which you built in internship or training.

Nowadays, for a live project, you don’t need to join a training institute rather than you can do itself because on the internet there are lots of stuff available free of cost where you can easily get.

3. The third and most important tip is that you must have your resume neat and clear, present your knowledge well. Because when you apply for freshers job in the the company, you are shortlisted at the resume base, then the first impression is your resume and that will not be good, you will not be able to do anything for the interview.

If you want to design an attractive resume, so you can from a website like Canva. In Canva website predefined resume template available you only edit those template and create an awesome resume.

4. For freshers job, if you have created a project in the college and it is live on the internet, then mention in your resume.

And project the code you can upload on internet website like Github so that you could show the code at the time of the interview or give link him so they can access your code and identify your skills.

5. If you are active in technical websites like Github & StackExchange then show your profile link in resume.

6. You should know a little bit about the new framework in your programming language.

Computer Science engineer should always ready to move to learn new technology. As per changing world every second day a new programming language introduced in the market.

7. If you want to go to companies like Accenture, CGI, Mindtree, etc. You can place a very tiny effort. Popular exam for freshers like Amcat, Elitmus conducted directly off campus for such companies. First, you take those exams after getting good marks, you get shortlisted for companies.

8. Every the company wants talent. If you have a good knowledge of programming skills, you can get a job in any company. There are three essential things for freshers which every big or small company want from graduates.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Excellent GitHub profile
  • Excellent HackerRank profile

9. You can easily get a job in MNC’s if you have given Amcat or Elitmus Examination and you have done a good score. Because of this exam directly conduct off campus for big MNc’s like Accenture TCS etc.

You can give these exams in the 4th year of your college so that you can easily get a job as graduation is complete. These exams are not so difficult, simply they asked three sections

  • English Comprehension
  • Quantitative ability
  • Logical Ability

Cracking Amcat or Elitmus exam, you should have good technical skills, good analytical skills, good fundamental skills. So that you can a good score.

If you follow the above points so you can easily get a job as well as in future you also, get a jump in your career.

You have these skills so in future also you can get more attention and more salary than your senior colleague. Many engineers who working in a company they don’t have these skills but working…!

In the last, I want to say that do not run behind the job, there are many jobs for freshers in the industry. Share your technical skills.

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