Get in the know of data science

By January 28, 2019

Data science brings together statistics and state of the art computer technology to read insights from a massive volume of data and use that insight for a multiple number of purposes. Although the discipline is known for a long time but recently it turned out to be very promising and everyone in the tech world started talking about it.

What is data science and how is it making a difference?

● Owing to the data revolution, we are producing and storing more data than ever. In the last 5 years we have created a massive amount of data which is more than all the data generated before that. However, no amount of data can be ignored by organizations and it is the role of data scientists to use latest techniques and bring out meaningful data out of a large set of useless data set. They also let the organizations to use the insights for their profit and prevent wastage .Thus, today the role of data scientists have become indispensable.

● Data science is applied on large number fields. The sleuths use it to catch criminals and advertisers use it to target potential customers. E-commerce giants use it to better serve the customers and economists use it for market prediction. It is also amazing to know that Lewis Hamilton was helped by data scientists to win his 4th F1 title in 2017. Even political parties take the help of data scientists for an effective election campaign!

● Image and speech recognition systems are now making huge progress as products like Amazon Echo and Apple Siri are continuously becoming our own personal assistants. And data science is directly responsible behind this.

● Current global challenges like the climate change demands smart managerial decisions. Data science helps us in that by giving a clear picture of the future and predicting what consequences our decisions might have. Thus, data science is helping to increase human potential so that we can meet new challenges.

The data science market and what it promises?

In Europe alone data there was an investment of 1200 million Euros in 2014-15. The amount has been increasing since and emerging economies like that of China, India and Malaysia are showing much potential. Especially Malaysian ICT industry has been expanding at a phenomenal rate with approximately 15 billion dollars’ worth of export in 2017. The number keeps growing and a key reason behind this is the popularity in cloud computing, big data, IOT and data services.

What is in there for talented individuals?

In essence the growth story of the ICT industry of Malaysia can be attributed to the impact of data science. However the talent gap is huge and it is estimated that the country will need a hefty number of data scientists with in 2010. This is why data science courses in Malaysia are becoming very popular. Among the many perks of such a course are- Job guarantee in a booming industry, hefty pay and owing to a huge demand continuous career growth is easily achieve. Thus, a data science course in Malaysia looks promising.

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