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By July 5, 2019
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Growing trend of digital transformation coupled with a talent gap is what makes Data analytics a lucrative career prospect. At any given point of time multiple job openings in data analytics related positions are always available and in booming digital economies such as that of Malaysia and India, the demand is very high.

  • A report by IBM claims that by 2020 demand for data analysts and associated jobs will create more than 700K new recruitments.

Reasons for the growing demand?

Today a significant number of companies are relying on a data driven strategy and analytics forms the backbone of such strategies. In this age of Internet Of Things and Industry 4.0 petabytes of data are generated. However, only a fraction of it is collected and utilized by business organizations to discover fascinating trends or extract important insights. In the last few years the importance of data has increased significantly due the increasing prominence of digital economies in the global market. E-commerce and online services have gained much popularity and no business co. wants to be left behind in successfully developing and exploring such domains. Even governmental organizations are eying the benefits of data analytics as it has amazing applications in security, research and governance. Countries like Malaysia are hiring data analysts and data scientists to realize the potential of data based solutions.

  • Only 7% of India’s engineers are employable according a survey by Aspiring Minds!

Talent gap!

Despite of such trends, many are unable to take advantage of the current situation. On the one hand data analytics and science positions are lying vacant and on the other hand the problem of unemployment keeps hurting the youth. In a recent study by Aspiring Minds it was found out that most of the engineering grads in India lack skill in data analytics and they cannot meet the demands for the talent required to get employed in analytics related positions. Thus, despite of multiple initiatives by the government to leverage data in order to boost economy, the talent gap keeps proving as a barrier. Same is the case with Malaysia and most other developing digital economies.

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  • Average annual base pay of a data analyst in USA is 67K USD, in India it is RS 405K and in Malaysia it is RM 49K.

How can you take advantage of the current situation?

If you aim for a stable and successful career, if you aim for exciting job opportunities and if you hope for the industry greats then data analytics should be your target. Get enrolled in any of the good data analytics courses and easily reap the benefits of this digital age. 

What data analytics courses can offer?

  • Proper understanding of the field and groom you for the industry demands.
  • Training in the relevant skills which will boost your resume and increase your chances of getting employed on a great job.
  • Proper exposure to the industry so that you can work for the best.
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