Best Search Engines To Use For Academic Research

By December 10, 2018
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You should not ignore the fact that you use google while searching for projects or assignment online. However, this is different for academic research because using google search engine will not serve that purpose as you use in most cases. You will not find its services to be perfect most of the times. Besides, you should not think it as the last option for collecting academic data online.

Besides using google search engine, you will also find other search engines with the designation role of academic research. These search engines will help you with relevant information, and you will write high quality and related assignments. Here, you will learn on various best search engines that will offer assistance in research material easily without compromising on your essay quality:

1 .Google Scholar

The name suggests that its an academic search engine from the Google house. You will find scholarly literature from google scholar. Besides, this search engine contains relevant information from scholarly research world.

When you use this search engine, you will find many sources like abstracts, articles, dissertations and books from various websites, universities, professional society, and academic publishers. The analysis was found to contain over 160 million documents.

  1. iSeek Education

The search engine is among the best and widely used for academic research online. The design keeps the teachers, scholars, and students in mind. When you use this search engine, it contains relevant results saving your time and therefore completing your work fast. In iSeek, you will always find authoritative, safe, time saving and intelligent resources.

  1. Academic Info

The search engine contains an in-depth directory for most useful resources and links in a specific topic. Besides, it also provides distance learning, online courses and online degree information that you might need from a selection of various accredited schools.

  1. Virtual LRC

Virtual learning Resources Centre or Virtual LRC offers educational sites and relevant quality information. In its database, it has many thousands of academic details you might require. The other advantage is that when you use custom Google search, you get refined results necessary for you to complete your project research in less time.

Virtual LRC is organized by professionals librarians and teachers worldwide so that it can offer students with excellent academic sources for their projects and assignments. If you are looking for the best place you can start with your research material, consider using Virtual LRC, and it will help you with the studies.

  1. Microsoft Academic Search

The search engine is the greatest engine for your essay help, and it’s from a software giant known as Microsoft. Microsoft Academic Search will give the ability to explore relevant publication sources that are more than 40 million.

Among the best features, you will find is that it provides maps, graphs, and trends for academic research. In its database, it contains more than 20 million authors 40 million publications.

  1. Refseek

The search engine is more straightforward than Google and in appearance. The best thing about this search engine is that it eliminates all sources that are not scientifically, research and academic related. It also offers an advantage where you will not get distractions from sponsored links. Its database contains over one billion articles, online encyclopedias, newspapers, journals, web pages, books, and documents.

Its therefore, a search engine that is an ultimate companion when searching for your academic work.

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