A Blog on the Next Best Steps to Get AI Certification

By July 14, 2019
artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are inter-disciplinary specializations that are currently introduced as a major subject in many colleges around the world. At the basic foundation, AI and ML certifications can help to grow professionally in the data science industry that is witnessing its best days since inception. Here are some Top AI Certification colleges that involve AI ML sciences with Engineering, Computer Science, Management and Law.

#1 Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie’s computer science department is ranked among the top 10 schools in the world that offer Artificial Intelligence online course to its students. Teachers, analysts and students participate at a global scale in all high octane AI research projects and robotic development programs.

CMU AI, as it is called in the education sector, imparts training in AI systems that are already used by leading companies such as CAT, Oculus, Google, Microsoft, Boeing and Apple. CMU AI is the most advanced AI certification university that you can apply for.

#2 MIT

If you are working in IT and Computer Science projects, taking AI Certification from MIT could be a huge boost. Established in 1861, MIT has always at the forefront of establishing a holistic relationship between social and economic needs with technology. AI Lab at MIT was opened in 2003, and since witnessed thousands of AI ML projects with respectable funding from some of the leading data science companies and research labs in the US.

#3 IIT Kanpur and Bangalore

Here in India, IIT Kanpur and Bangalore are leading the AI revolution in Asia. There are countless programs happening in Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, AI and Deep Learning. In Kanpur, you will get to work with top talents in the industry as part of iSmriti that conduct various workshops in IoT, Industrial Automation and Robotics.

What’s great about IITs imparting AI certification? You not only get to attend relevant workshops but also get job support and orientation in AI, IoT, Robotics, and 5G technologies that are currently in vogue.

Most AI universities and schools are located in the US and Europe. Russia is also catching up with the trend, however lacks the support from its industry sector. Unlike Americas and European countries, China is taking the AI battle much more seriously. By 2025, there would be 100+ AI Research Schools and Colleges in China, offering jobs to Chinese exclusively in the military and government offices. It is yet to be ascertained if China takes any foreign students in its program for AI ML.

Competition is growing and online platforms such as Analytixlabs are driving the next phase of AI Certification. Today, Analytixlabs offers training program for students and working professionals who may not want to go abroad right now. Planned with a similar orientation in mind, Analytixlabshas trained thousands of professionals already.