7 Amazing Benefits of Pursuing Extracurricular Activities for Aspiring Medical Students


In today’s highly competitive academic environment, it is important for high school students to stand out by pursuing extracurricular activities along with fulfilling academic requirements. Whether you join a student club, sports team or a research institute, volunteer in a government hospital or complete an internship, extracurricular activities can boost your academic and social skills.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is living proof that you have communication, time management, decision-making, and networking skills at hand. Extracurricular activities not only give you a competitive edge, they also play a key role when it comes to getting into a top Caribbean medical school or university.

From improving your time management and leadership skills to increasing your focus, extracurricular activities can help students achieve academic and career success. Here are the seven key benefits of pursuing extracurricular activities in high school.

  1. Enhance Your Academic Performance

Some students avoid indulging in extracurricular activities as they construe it a time-wasting hobby, and believe that they won’t be able to focus on their schoolwork and achieve good grades. However, this is not the case. Participating in extracurricular activities can actually help you attain impressive grades. When you participate in extracurricular activities, it will help you learn how to stay focused, manage your time and complete the target. This gives you an added advantage when it comes to preparing for exams. There are some studies that reveal that indulging in extracurricular activities can improve your brain function, which eventually leads to improved academic performance and better grades.

  1. Hone Your Social Skills

Participating in activities outside your school can give you a fantastic opportunity to improve your communication and networking skills. Meeting new people and sharing your interests will help you expand your circle of acquaintances and build relationships that pay off later in life. When you spend time with new people, you will learn how to see things from another’s perspective. And if you are one of those students who want to become a good doctor, it is important to strengthen your social skills to better communicate with your patients.

  1. Build Self Esteem

When you participate in activities that you are passionate about, it will surely boost your self-esteem. Some studies have shown that indulging in co-curricular activities play a key role in strengthening your self-worth. Working hard and doing what you are passionate about allows you to master new skills and gain confidence. And when your confidence improves, you will be better prepared to cope with your academic challenges and become a brilliant student.

  1. Learn New Skills

One of the best advantages that extracurricular activities give high school students is learning useful skills that prepare them for meeting real-world challenges. When you take part in an extracurricular activity, you will develop the ability to prioritize your tasks, set your goals, participate in teamwork, solve problems, and manage your time that you can use to succeed in your career life. Furthermore, students who participate in extracurricular activities have better leadership and analytical thinking skills.

  1. Build a Strong Resume

In order to build an impressive resume, it is important to actively participate in extracurricular activities. Shadowing a primary care physician, volunteering in a hospital, joining a student group and working in a research institute is a great way to strengthen your resume. Furthermore, doing a part-time job or internship can bolster your chances of getting an entry-level position out of school. This will prove that you are a dedicated candidate with a myriad range of skills and qualities.

  1. Bolster Your Medical School Application

Those students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine and thinking of applying to a Caribbean medical school are recommended to actively participate in extracurricular activities. Medical school admissions committees are now preferring candidates that are well-rounded and possess diverse skills and clinical work experience. So, it is the right time to involve yourself in a number of fields such as sports, research, community and any other field that you like most to gain the diverse skill set and improve your chances of getting into your favorite medical school.

  1. Create a Sense of Responsibility

Students who actively take part in extracurricular activities have a great sense of commitment and responsibility to whatever activity they are involved in. Your commitment to achieve your goals will not only build up your self-esteem but it also makes you a responsible person who always completes his tasks on time.

Key Takeaways

So, these are some key benefits of participating in extracurricular activities. The ultimate goal of doing co-curricular activities is to develop an all-rounded, brilliant and talented student. Whether you volunteer in a private clinic or join a community club, involvement in any activity outside of school will help you develop a number of skills that make you a unique and talented personality.


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