3 Reasons why Shadowing Experience is Critical for a Student’s Future


Students give their best to get into a med school at any cost. With limited seats and other factors, many seats are not able to get into the med school, while some of them do succeed. Once in a med school, not many students think about many aspects related to the future. One of them is looking for a shadowing experience that is enough for a student to get into the real league and get to know what exactly everything is all about like several fields of medicine.

There are a number of ways in which all students of medicine majoring in any field need shadowing experience. It is like on-job internship with going through what a doctor/physician/surgeon goes through everyday and how interacts/treat/cure the patients. There are many things that you need to be on song here and you will gain much experience through shadowing.

It doesn’t matter in which american caribbean medical school are you studying in, you need to think about your future as a medical professional quite seriously. There are several tips and tricks for students to master their shadowing experience, which is an important part of their learning curve, following are 4 of them which can help aspiring physicians and future surgeons.

1. Gaining Hands-On Experience

It doesn’t matter you are looking forward to becoming a surgeon or doctor in family medicine, if you will skip the shadowing part, you will end up not knowing exactly what it is like to be in the role. Surely, during your residency years or when you join a hospital for internship, you will gain some valuable experience but that solely depends upon how badly you want to do this. Usually during the internship there is not much students can learn as compared to shadowing a leading doctor or surgeon.

Shadowing experience is unlike any other one as you go on to see what a surgeon goes through in any normal day at his job, for example. Surgery, even if it is just a 10 minute one, isn’t easy by any means as a little lapse in concentration can be deadly in some cases for a patient. So, for students, there’s nothing more important that the actual experience in this concern like shadowing.

2. See your Potential and Inclination towards a Field

There are many things that excite a student too much while he is studying medicine. It can be surgery, research or even laboratory procedures. But things can be tricky but when a student actually sees what a person at the helm of the affairs actually goes through. The perception of the student can change significantly about that field. I am not emphasizing on the fact that a student may think about it negatively as he may get inclined towards a field even more after the shadowing process.

Coming to the potential aspect, there are two points of view here. One is about the potential a student thinks about him as what he can offer to that field as a medical professional. The other is about the potential of that field that whether it is the ones that will be an important one currently or in the future. For example, a student inclined towards the plastic surgery 3 or 4 decades ago may have hit the bull’s eye in the subsequent years. So, its not just a matter of your inclination but also thinking about a field with deep interest and its future in the field of medicine.

3. The Learning Curve

This one is quite simple enough as there are many things we just do for the sake of learning more. While students look to see exactly how to get shadowing experience, they sometimes think of it as a burden. This thinking is just not correct and it’s the job of the teachers, guardians or the senior students to teach students about exactly what is shadowing. Some students fear that the actual surgery or other critical aspects related to it can be really scary or take a toll on them. So, what’s the reality? Let me shed some light on this in the subsequent paragraphs.

The concern of some students here is somewhat real when we talk about a surgery after a severe accident. After all, these are not for the faint-hearted but the learning curve here for students can be really nice. There are many things that you need to know here, and I hope this blog will serve its purpose well.

Final Word

Shadowing can be really important for everyone in the field of medicine, especially the students yet to complete the majors. There are many aspects related to it that can be termed as critical here. For more information or if you want to offer your valuable feedback, please use the comments section below.


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