Why E-Stores Should Be Your Next Business Move

By March 1, 2019 , ,

In the Modern World, E-Commerce has become a necessity in the business industry. It is largely linked with buying and selling of various products or services by using the internet as a platform. This platform creates and adds to relationships among organizations and between an individual and an organization. Currently, about half of the entire world prefers to make purchases through online sources at their convenience. Business-to-Business (B2B), and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) are some of the forms of e-commerce marketing.  

If you have a brick and mortar store, and the total number of people living around your store is 5000, then your profit potential would be from 5000 customers. But, if you have an e-commerce store, your revenue potential increases from a few thousand to million within very less time. Undeniably, the number would be double or triple in the coming years because nowadays, customers prefer to shop online rather than moving physically. At the same time, these online customers would be your business recommenders at various social platforms if you satisfy their needs and requirements.        

Various business consultants have emphasized on the importance of e-commerce website/e-store for business in 2019. One of the big names in designing and branding companies, Logo Design Legend, has also mentioned some of the reasons to have an e-com website for startup, medium and large scale businesses, including:   

Extensive Range of Products

In most of the small towns, people have to compromise on their purchasing decisions just because they are not provided by the stores having what they need. Out dated brick and mortar shops and traditional commerce is not enough to satisfy the customers in term of variety. While e-commerce brings in more variety by escalating the margins of traditional commerce. Visiting 10 websites to buy a classic T-Shirt in a few minutes is far more expedient for customers than visiting 10 shops. You can give them color choices, different sizes, promotional offers, and various other details regarding the product.   

Faster Business Expansion

Due to the market condition, higher cost, less brand awareness, competition, and low advertising reach, it was the toughest job to expand your retail and selling business back in time. But e-commerce is the boon for such businesses that strive for expansion. In the year 2018, e-commerce has helped many businesses reaching their true potential. A number of small scale businesses, companies and retailers are expanding rapidly and making higher profits with lesser hassles. All in all, e-commerce is the power supply to various activities of today’s world either it is eating, buying, selling, or learning.   

Low Maintenance Charges

E-commerce is considered to be the best profit drivers for businesses in the modern era. A huge number of online store functions are automatic. Although charges incurred on everything starting from inventory to the payment, yet they are much less than conventional commerce expenses. E-commerce uses various plug-in according to the nature of the business, and most of them update automatically. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and machine learning in e-commerce have curtailed the cost of business as well as maintenance. One can run the whole e-commerce store from a single room with the help of a few people.          

Numerous Marketing and Selling Opportunities

Nowadays, sellers and customers have a huge list of the b2b marketplace for selling and purchasing their goods or services. This platform provides equal opportunities for any business to compete with any big fish of the market. Small scales business can advertise their products on social media platforms or any other search engine for free. Hence, it is significant to use the platform of e-store for product selling and buying to challenge the monopoly of a few commercial organizations.      

Customers as Advertisers

E-Commerce platform empowers the customers to play their vital part in creating brand awareness through positive comments, reviews, and five star feedback. Hence, your brand’s credibility will be set by your own customers for your prospective customers. It is one of the crucial tools of impactful marketing. This feedback system will help others to make their purchasing decision by comparing various businesses.