What Offers Should an Online Wholesale Platform Provide for a Coffee Shop?

By February 7, 2019

Whenever you think of an e-commerce platform, what comes to your mind? For sure, you must be thinking of an online store, one that sells different consumer products such as accessories, clothes, or beverages. Whether you are a proud owner of a coffee shop or any retail store at all, we can’t deny the fact that running a business online today has become an important niche in consumer product stores. Although most B2C brands tend to make up the online retailers spaces, the B2B customers make up some of the most successful businesses online.

Today, every business or brand turns to an online wholesale platform, and this is quite important because it helps to boost sales. In a coffee shop, having the right solution can work wonders. For one, it helps to streamline daily inventory management and it keeps the demand for coffee beans moving smoothly. It helps coffee bean sellers to streamline their sales, make reporting seamless, and enhance sales overall.

Today, the competition in this industry is quite fierce, but if you choose the right providers, this will allow your business to perform better when compared to the others. The right tool should let you minimize the time it takes for transactions, and keep all your bulk orders flowing in properly. It is best that you search for the best, smart tool, to take your coffee bean selling store to wholesalers to the next level.

Here’s what you should expect when you turn to a wholesale online platform for your coffee bean store.

Quick Orders and More Sales

Keeping up and getting more sales with the right tool, such as OrderCircle is now a breeze. Within no time, you can edit, remove, or add products to your retail store from any location. The right tool will let you stay on the top, and keep a check on peak selling periods with the best customizable options. You will be able to streamline most of the orders, which should let you process all the transactions quickly and easily. Rest assured, with the right tool, you would be able to transform most of the long line of the people waiting in queues into some real cash.

Better Processing of Orders

A coffee bean shop is mostly about providing retailers with all the bulk orders they need to keep their coffee shop running and ensure that people do not have to wait in long lines for their coffee cup at shops. The best tool will let you manage all the wholesale customers, allow you to take up bulk orders without worrying about any further delays. As you place bulk orders, you can be sure that each one processes in a simplified and well-organized way.

Order Tracking

With the right tool, you can give your coffee bean store the best shipping options needed to improve those conversions, make loyal customers, and at the same time, be able to streamline the store operations. You will be able to check to ship and shipped items, track the bulk orders, ensure inventory management, which will let your business move smoothly. With the best in-built features for wholesale ordering and shipping, you will be able to access different shipping options get quotes and integrate other services to your store online.

Control Over Inventory

You will be able to organize all the items in the inventory with the best photo, custom price and group all the products into the right category. From any store, you can track every product in your shop to be sure of the products you have in the inventory. You can create a profitable list as you keep a track on everything in your store, which should let you make more money.

Manage All Your Customers on a Single Platform

Establishing a good customer base or loyal ones is often a challenge, especially for all those that wish to expand their wholesale business. It is the best chance for you to give all your customers the right tool that will let them address all the problems related to purchasing items. You will be able to resolve all the issues properly. Once you have the right tool, you can keep better track of the products of your customers, and see the ones they prefer to buy often. You will be able to find the nearest customers, as well as track all of their favorite products and reward them with the best loyalty programs that you have to offer them.

A Single Platform to Manage All Stores

To track most of the sales of your customers, you can use the online wholesale platform to track the sales in all locations, whether online or in-store. The right software should have a detailed dashboard, but a simple one at the same time. It should let you have detailed analytic reporting, which should help you to make efficient choices for your coffee shop.

Rest assured you have to choose the right tool for your business. The suitable one should let you manage your inventory and have better control over the business.