What is SMS authentication and why is it necessary?

By July 1, 2019


Most of the business owners face credit card fraud issues. In today’s scenario most of the monetary transactions are undertaken via email or online payment gateways. Emails are generally the primary verification method and transactions within a business owner system. Hackers simply use false information and stolen credit card details to make untraceable transactions. To save people from this kind of theft or danger SMS authentication is very important.

SMS Authentication

It is a process through which a SMS verification service is used by businesses to identify customer’s online presence. It really works because scammers and hackers find it difficult to acquire the details through mobile phone numbers. SMS authentication besides protecting customers and vendors also helps them know who is utilizing their services. The method of two factor authentication is generally used by SMS authentication system and SMS verification systems. Two factor authentication is also known as multi factor authentication or 2FA. It is a high level of security and asks users to provide the information related to payments etc. Suppose; you wish to order foods from restaurant near you online. But prior to completion of the order you would have to insert a unique code which is sent to your mobile phone. Two factor authentication always uses one time password. And it is by far the most secured method of operation. One time passwords are always unique for every users and their transaction session. They can’t be used repeatedly and can’t be stolen as well.

Why should you use SMS authentication?

  1. Almost every individual and business owners have mobile phones in today’s scenario. Hence, if mobile phones can help your transaction safer then what’s the problem?
  2. SMS is very easy to use and people generally do not ignore reading SMS as compared to e-mail notifications which generally get ignored.
  3. You do not need any hardware or software installation to send authentication messages to your customers any time.
  4. Since authentication SMS are considered as a type of transactional SMS. They can be send at anytime to your customers. Even at midnight or at 4 am in the morning which is another speciality of authentication messages.
  5. SMS authentication API also helps businesses distribute codes to the customers quickly, and immediately.
  6. It also reduces any type of cost and administration requirements which is another benefit provided by the companies providing authentication SMS service.
  7. Software providing authentication SMS services work immediately and independently on devices.
  8. And most importantly, authentication SMS enhances the security possessed within your business. It helps you, your employees and your customers feel safe. As it prevents all from any type of fraud, scam etc.
  9. Whenever they send OTP to users, users feel safe and thus start trusting your company. And trust of your audience is very important for success in business
  10. Transactions have become super safe because of authentication and hackers and scammers now find it difficult to hack systems.

So, this is all about the benefits of SMS authentication API.