Ways to Start a Call Center from Scratch!

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Setting up a call center atmosphere is not easy. Starting everything from scratch is hard and not every company can afford doing so. There are some guidelines to follow for a company to work on call center establishment.

The correct way to build a call center requires good planning. To assure positive results, businesses have to follow some guidelines.

Here we have the types of call center:

  • Inbound call center
  • Outbound call center

Inbound call center looks after the incoming calls from customers. The agents in this call center try to solve customer issues related to business by attending calls 24X7.

Outbound call center on the contrary deal with outgoing calls that cater to converting the prospects into business customers. Outbound calls are made to potential customers, explaining them about the business service with an aim to influence them to become business loyal customers.

If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we’ll turn out all right.

– Jeff Bezos

The right foot to inaugurating a call center services firm is moving with a blueprint, irrespective of the type of call center your business may be looking for. Check out the action plan for starting your call center from scratch:

An adequate plan

A plan is always necessary. Without a focused plan and without the mind to move forward with the business practice, it is hard to manage services.

Before finalizing to establish your call center, it is essential to note and crosscheck some details. Several aspects need considerations and avoiding those can land your business into trouble.

It is important for the business owners to have questions!

These questions define the business process a better way. Without proper planning, a business lacks the objective to work with and the business even lacks awareness about its strength and weaknesses.

This is why, it is necessary to have an action plan to help the business move strategically.

Setting up a budget

A business needs to have a budget in mind. Whether it’s an inbound call center or outbound, knowing the budget prior is necessary.

You must have a question that why the budget is so necessary before!

Well, it is because the budget defines the limitations that a company has to work with. Not every company has a huge budget and thus, restricting to boundaries prior is necessary.

When a company knows its budget, it knows the kind of call center it is looking for and further the tasks are performed accordingly.

The initial investment to build a call center is far different from the actual results, thus the business has to be ready for every consequence. Its’ waste regretting over a situation that becomes unmanageable later with exceeding budgets.

Deciding the type of call center, virtual or onsite!

A business needs to be clear about the type of call center it requires.

An onsite call center looks after setting up, configuring, and maintaining the business infrastructure, its hardware, and software.

A virtual call center works with a reliable internet connection. Businesses just need to install the software and get an internet connection at work.

Every business needs to decide its call center type depending on the infrastructure facility it has, budget, upfront funds and team capacity.

Define the business KPIs

The business key performance indicators requires prior knowledge. Defining the objective, the business has the idea about the type of functions it wants.

Every call center company has a pre-defined focus that is cold calling, lead generation, customer support, etc. and this helps in determining the KPIs correctly.

KPIs are the quantitative measures that help call centers’ evaluate their promptness, excellence and efficiency. These indicators allows the business know the employees’ performance and the team as well.  KPIs help in making data-driven decisions and even benefits in boosting business revenue.

Additionally, the most vital thing to consider is the recognition of the correct KPI. By tracking multiple KPIs, you may miss the essential one. Therefore, it is vital to note the required performance indicator that can generate the highest revenue.

Adjust your focus on the key weaknesses and strengths, so that the call center moves with plan to bring success. A recovery plan is also essential for future to meet all pros and cons.  

The adequate tools

In order to build a perfect call center, it is essential to have proper tools. To pick the essential tools the business needs to have a phone system, service channels, performance-monitoring software, CRM solution, support desk, internal communication, etc.

Recruiting the team

When your business is willing to develop an outbound or inbound call center, it needs to have the right team by the side. Thus, select a team with highest qualification and check whether the potential employees have the temper to handle multiple customer calls all over the day without abandoning any call.


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