Top 5 Instagram Tools to Give a Boost for Social Media Marketing

By September 14, 2018
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Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing technique that can increase the visibility and brand value of your business in the bigger aspects of a business. Many brands are aiming at social media campaigns to grab attention from people all over the world. With the growing technology and cheaper data rates, people are more dependent on social media for entertainment. They crave for eye-catching visual content, which social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram fulfill.

Instagram is one such latest social media platform. If you are planning to expand your business and increase its online presence, this is the best time to get your business on Instagram. Though gaining popularity through Instagram is difficult in the beginning, you can use a few hacks to overcome this difficulty. There are many Instagram tools that make your Instagram marketing campaign easy. From basic functions like scheduling your posts to complex tasks like creating analytics, you can get Instagram campaign task done easily with these tools. Without any further ado, let’s look at the 5 Instagram tools to give your social media marketing strategy a boost:


Visual content is the key to gaining popularity on Instagram. Your content is the main part of your social media page to get customers. Instagram demands high-quality visual content and the images and videos on your page need to look professional to grab the attention of people. VSCO lets you edit pictures and videos to make your posts attractive. This top-notch tool comes with a wide range of filters and features that can increase the quality of your posts. VSCO application can be used on Android or iPhone to make your mobile advertising experience easy.

2. Crowd Fire

This tool is a must-have Instagram marketing tool, which lets you get more followers for your page. This tool gives you an insight into how many people have followed or unfollowed you recently. This social media marketing tool analyzes the traffic and lets you know people who might be interested in your services. We all know that there are peak times when most of your followers are active on Instagram and also there are times when none of them are active. Based on your followers, Crowdfire recommends you the perfect time to schedule your posts to help them reach out to a maximum number of people. It also recommends you the best hashtags to use.

3. Social Insight

Social media marketing is a full-time process. Apart from creating interesting content and launching campaigns, you need to have complete information about the growth and performance of your page. This app serves the purpose of providing you with insights into the performance of your social media account. This Instagram analytics tool lets you monitor your growth, post engagement, interactions and overall performance of your page. It helps you know what strategy is working for your page and what is not. You can find any digital marketing agency in Delhi, Bangalore, and other major cities in India use this tool to get a quick analytical report on their client’s Instagram page.

4. Ink 361

Ink361 is a tool that lets you monitor yours as well as your competitor’s profile. It lets you know what type of content is working for your business. The tool also scans the social media profiles of companies that are similar to yours and compiles a report about what is working well for your competitors. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency in Delhi, Ink361 scans the Instagram profiles of other marketing agencies in your area and suggests you what posts are performing well for the other company. This all-in-one tool lets you organize your posts to share it with non-Instagram users too.

5. Repost

Sharing or re-posting others content is an excellent tactic to increase your visibility on Instagram. This social media marketing tool lets you improve your relationship with your followers by suggesting famous pages related to your sector and helping you by improving your connections. With Repost, you can share or repost other Instagrammers content while giving credit to them on your post.


Social media marketing is an important way to increase your follower list, customer base, brand visibility, and image. These tools will surely help you improve your social media advertising strategies. Instagram is becoming a popular platform to market brands. With the popularity of the apps, competition among the several apps is also increasing with time. These tools with help you top the race if used wisely.

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