Top 3 Services You can get from China

By October 22, 2018

In most stores, there seems to be at least one product that was made in China. Global companies have been outsourcing production of their sold items abroad through Chinese companies due to their low cost and high resources. After all, the manufacturing industry has contributed a lot to the country’s growth and there are many types of manufacturing services such as injection molds in China to choose from.

Many statistics prove that the country has a good future ahead of them.  Its workers have produced around $3 trillion worth of items annually and production is expected to grow 7.6% from 2018 to 2022. These are services that you can get from China:


China has the one of the largest automotive industries in the world due to their production and the sheer amount of sells. The US may be a bigger economy overall, but the Chinese produced vehicle 2.5 times faster and sold 1.7 times in 2017, more than Americans. Global companies outsource their manufacturing companies because the production process is so much faster yet its outputs are always high quality. They also can produce cars with prices fitting for the high, middle, and lower clss.

In 2017, Manufacturers are also finding ways to make their models transition to electricity based vehicles, or new energy vehicles as a response to the government’s regulations for carbon emissions reduction. Buyers of EVs receive up to110,000 yuan per unit and the country aims in leading and dominating the global market of NEVs.

Mobile Phones

Companies like Apple and Samsung, are well known for outsourcing chinese companies to  do the manufacturing of their smartphones for them. In 2015, the country’s exports amounted to $98.2 billion and production was approximately 616.6 million units.

The talent of there workers in producing units quickly is also due to the huge demand for phones in their own country. Disposable income among citizens have been increasing, and government has a strong commitment to improving telecommunications infrastructure. Policies and the new form of registration have made it easy for anyone to start a mobile phone businesses.

Chinese own domestic smartphone businesses stand head to head with foreign ones. People desire for their phones because it tends to be low cost, unlike Apple for example. In Vietnam, Chinese smartphones cost around $220 to $ 440

Injection Molds

Many of the products sold in the global market are made with plastic parts. Plastic, can be poured into molds of different shapes and the characteristic of this material makes it so versatile. Plastic production can be a very expensive process and companies have been finding countries where production costs are low. China is one of these countries

China is a big player in the global market for plastics. First, their domestic markets are demanding for premium products, a lot of these need plastic parts, thus companies are motivated to continually improve their automation process and beat their competition. Second, western countries also need their exports. Germany and United are the country’s two biggest consumers because they outsource these supplies for their own operations.

Key Takeaway

China, because of many reasons, is a good place to get services for these products. Companies in China offers an array of services for lower prices because of their lower material and labor costs. If you are a company looking to outsource services, China is definitely a country you should look into.