Tips for Growing your CA Firm with Business Loan for CA

By January 24, 2019

When a business firm is opened, it comes with a lot of pressure of making the firm grow. This pressure even exists for people with a chartered accountant firm. It is not always possible to advertise the firm hence the growth might be stunted. These are the times when one might require a business loan for chartered accountants. There is an ample of CA loan options available out there and these loans also come with a negligible CA loan interest rate. The growth of the firm does not only depend on the capital but also depends on certain business strategies. To have positive growth in a CA firm one must keep in mind certain tips. Such tips include factors like:

  • Cash on the GST market:  With the implementation of the new taxation system the number of taxpayers has increased. Even the unorganised businesses fall under the tax-paying ambit now. This brought in the job of the tax being revised constantly and therefore the clients look for chartered accountants for financial advices. Therefore any CA firm can cash on the new taxation system. One might also cater to more clients by offering GST consultancy with business loan for chartered accountants.
  • Tap new markets: For a firm to see evident growth, one has to move on to new emerging markets other than the generic work. Markets like audit, taxation and financial reporting can make the firm grow. This growth can help in areas like Companies Bill, 2012, international taxation, valuation and forensic accounting. The funds for this expansion can be easily tackled by business loan for chartered accountants since these CA loans come at a very negligible CA loan interest rate.
  • Multi-disciplinary services: If a firm can provide multi-disciplinary services then it can easily increase the client base, but while doing this the firm should not forget its specialization. Therefore one has to maintain the specialisation while catering to other needs. If this is not done, there are high chances that the firm will lose long term clients.
  • Update yourself: While trying to grow a CA firm, one must keep oneself updated. The updates should cover all the latest changes around the world in the field of finance, audit and technology even. A lot of firms fail to update them with the technology and hence lose their credibility. Adapting to new technologies like cloud accounting software can help one with the boon of serving client at any geographical proximity.
  • High quality specialised staff:  It is very important for any business or firm to maintain a good quality. This is what helps the firm gain credibility in the field. A quality staff with specialisation in the field will be able to provide the clients with top notch services. Hence, it is very important to do the quality check when it comes to hiring staff.
  • New partners: Bringing in new partners ensure a sudden boost in the client base. They also give the firm a sudden visibility and can act as a quick fix when it comes to the growth of the business.  A proper model of revenue sharing has to be done if partners are added.

These are a few tips and factors that one has to keep in mind while trying to grow a CA firm. These tips can be brought into action with the help of business loan for chartered accountants. These CA loans fall under the professional loan sector and also come with a negligible CA loan interest rate.  

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