Threats faced by Indian Call Centers!

By May 31, 2019
indian call centers

Call centers today face numerous threats and the supreme of all is the need to retain amid changing market needs. Customer support is an important aspect that every business looks forward to and no company can accept any threat to customer satisfaction. Call centers face numerous struggles to retain itself amid competitors in the market, but some challenges always defames its name.

Back in earlier times most businesses chose India call center as their choice to outsource customer support, but the percentage has diminished highly. What can be the reason?

Well, several pitfalls in business processes have led to this upsurge in challenges.  Earlier India used to be the most favorite option for international customer support outsourcing, but today several challenges come its way.

It’s not that companies have lost trust in India call center, but diminished value and results have raised questions on the credibility of the businesses in the country.

However, with time, certain challenges have been resolved, but some that still prevail and need a check to avoid diminishing reliability concerns on Indian BPOs.

Here we team up the challenges that India faces today:

Adverse effect on employee health

Indian call centers face threats, as they do not have a friendly environment for their employees. This leads to employees effecting their health and leaving the office early bringing high attrition rate to the organization.

The more time a business wastes on hiring and training is the more it effects customer satisfaction, as core business functions face avoidance amid all these.

If a company does not looks after its employee needs and requirements, the staff will automatically flee early making it a bad response for the call center.

To avoid the staff from fleeing, it is important to provide basic amenities to the employees, so that they can happily work for business development. When the staff feels they can healthily work and earn, attrition issues are resolved automatically.

Tough international competition

International competition is growing day-by-day and competing not as easy as it seems. Rising competition raises an alarm against Indian call centers that need to know the drawbacks on which they needs to work.

Companies- Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brazil etc. have emerged as growing call center hubs as these provide indispensable services making all countries fall for their services.

To combat raising competitions, it is essential to deliver outstanding services, so that companies regain trust in Indian call centers again.     

Communication gap

Communication limitation when dealing with international clients is a major issue with Indian call centers. Though Indian agents are capable enough to communicate in English, but accent triggered gap comes as the biggest drawback. International clients speak western English and the same flow is hard to maintain for Indian call centers.

High staff attrition

It is very problematic for a company to hire new employees, train them and invest time and money on them. When hiring and training becomes an ever-going process, it leads to huge expenses and high attrition rate effects the results on the customer too.

This is a big reason companies do not want to outsource to Indian boundaries, as they know India call center do not retain their employees for long and regularly changing agents may hamper results to customers. 

International customers get to know with the agents’ accent that the business has foreign staff. Customers do not find communicating with them as cool enough as they would discuss the issues with onshore agents as language issues is a reason. Moreover, customers feel that an external partner cannot give adequate response, as they may not know everything about the business service.

Detaining FCR rate

First call resolution is the test of customer satisfaction. Maintaining heightened customer satisfaction is hard today and FCR plays an important role here. Call centers face huge call abandonment due to many reasons, which at times become the reason of threat. It is essential to get back to the customers even to regain loyalty.

When a company bucks up its FCR rate and gets to each caller with appropriate response, the declining FCR rate strengthens. This way India call center can bring progress in their performance.

Differentiation with other countries

Many call centers today focus countries that have English-speaking clients. However, it is a drawback as languages such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese, etc. are left behind which affects the result of effective call center functioning. Giving outsourced facility to countries that have English-speaking customers only limits boundaries and diminishes the growth possibilities for the call centers. It is better to be capable enough to respond to all type of customers. This facility strengthens the business and opens wider opportunities for growth, which were earlier limited.