Some Useful Information About Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

By July 23, 2019

Air conditioners can be found everywhere whether it is a commercial, residential, or industrial building. These cooling machines are installed in a room to keep it cool. The machine uses refrigeration to cool the indoor air of the room. The coolant in the air-conditioned evaporates and is converted into gas. It absorbs the heat of the indoor air thus making it cool.

Consequences of Using Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are causing a lot of damage to the atmosphere, as the harmful gas CFC is released by it, which in turn is polluting the environment. Fossil fuels like coal are being used to run the AC and this leads to the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which further causes the trouble due to the excess carbon emissions.

Tips for eco-friendly air conditioning

In order to save the atmosphere from pollution, eco-friendly air conditioners are being developed over the years keeping in mind the harm caused to the environment. The manufacturers are in the process of phasing out such coolants that are harming the atmosphere. Many technological changes are being done on the air conditioning machine to make them eco-friendly. Here are a few tips, which people can adopt to make the air conditioners eco-friendly.

Size of the air conditioner

Users should choose the air conditioner according to the size of the room. If the air conditioner will be small, the room will not be cooled properly. It will waste the electricity and increase the bills. The smaller size AC will also not be suitable in the humid weather for bigger room.

Two stage compressors

The compressor of the air conditioners is the one that consumes most electricity. The work of the compressor is to squeeze the heated vapors, which will help in cooling the refrigerant. Air conditioners have two stage compressors that cool the refrigerant more in hot season and less in cold season. In this way, you can save the energy.

Customizing the components of the system

If the air conditioner uses two sources of energy, its efficiency will for sure increase. The air conditioners can use one source for heating and another source for cooling. All the components of the air conditioners can be customized and these components include thermostat, indoor coils, and others.

Geothermal heat pumps

The geothermal pumps transfer the heat from the warm place to the cooler one. The pumps are attached to the earth or the purpose. These pumps are more efficient in cooling the homes than the air conditioners. The installation of the geothermal pumps is expensive but once installed, they can cool the house and save the electricity.

Programmable thermostats

If programmable thermostats are installed in the air conditioners, it will become eco-friendly. The thermostats can be programmed in such a way that the machine will turn off if nobody is in the house.

Regular maintenance of the air conditioners

In order to make the AC work efficiently, it should be serviced once a year. There are many things that take place during the servicing. It includes refrigerant pressure air flow and leakages. Some modifications may be needed in order to increase the efficiency of the AC.

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Replacing the air conditioners

Everything has a life and after that its efficiency decreases. Same is the condition with the air conditioning unit. They should be replaced with a new one as the older ones become less efficient over the period of time and usage.


Air conditioners are efficient in cooling the room but the refrigerant used is a hazard for the environment. That is the reason eco-friendly ACs are given preference. The programmable thermostats will save the energy, as it can be programmed in such a way that electricity will not be wasted.

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