Single Girder EOT Crane: A Helping Hand in Industrial Projects

By July 13, 2019

The rise of industrial technology has helped to make production faster, more comfortable and well-organized. This technology mainly uses engineering and manufacturing means with the help of experienced and technically advanced individuals. These tools used in this technology have helped in the development of industrial growth from 2% to 12% in the last few years.

One of the most used equipment is EOT or Electric Overhead Traveling cranes which come in various sizes for small and large scale manufacturing fields. These cranes are divided into two categories, single and double girder EOT cranes.

To know more about single girder EOT crane, continue reading.

What are single girder EOT cranes?

As the name suggests, single girder EOT cranes have only one girder across the distance. These cranes are not like double girder cranes which have two beams. Furthermore, they consist of electric hoists which help to carry material at a low level with a span of about 20 metres. These cranes are divided into three different categories, and they are listed below:

  • LD type
  • LDP type, and
  • HD type

What are the features of this crane?

Single girder EOT cranes are entirely different from double girders. Henceforth they have certain features which make them unique. These features are listed below:

  • Minimize building loads
  • Save space
  • Do not require rail for travelling across
  • Mostly carry up to 25-ton load with a span width of up to 25 metres
  • Are designed primarily with a four-wheel arrangement
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides heavy-duty steel rope
  • Can be operated through pendent and remote control

What should be considered before purchasing a single girder EOT crane?

Even though one can get a bit excited after reading all these fantastic features provided by these cranes, it is necessary to keep certain factors in mind before planning to buy one.

Listed below are certain factors which help one to find a good single girder crane manufacturer.

  • Consider the purpose:

Before planning to buy a crane, one should make sure that the reason behind this purchase is quite logical. No matter how much cost-effective these cranes are, purchasing a crane is a huge one. Based on an organization’s field one should check for other options which can be equally beneficial.

  • Research about the maintenance:

It is said that the initial cost of a crane is quite less compared to its support. Hence, one should look into the value that a company is ready to invest in the maintenance of a crane.  

  • Look for top supplier and manufacturers:

Now comes the point of buying a crane from a trusted supplier. One should check and compare the top crane suppliers. This checking includes focused research of the companies’ website and terminologies; one should pay a visit to the selected supplier to get a better understanding of that organization. Suppliers have even goofed when it came to after sales services and while maintaining a rapport with their early clients. Hence a thorough research is a must.

Cranes are one of the essential tools which are used in the industrial fields nowadays. Hence, to invest in an excellent single girder crane manufacturer, one should abide by the above rules to get a long lasting service from the same.

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