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By November 11, 2018

Irrigation equipment is essential for watering of crops and maintaining the fertility of the soil. It is used to extract the water from a resource and transfer it to reach the plants. It is essential to shop for the right irrigation equipment for proper watering of plants in the fields. There is a wide range of sprinklers, hoses and irrigation pumps available in the markets.

The equipment you choose and use for watering the plants depends entirely on your irrigation requirements. It is essential to shop the correct type of pumps and other equipment for proper watering of plants. This post shares valuable information for buying the irrigation equipment.

Irrigation Pump

Different types of pumps are required to maintain different amounts of water and its pressure. The turbine pumps and deep submersible pumps are the best to install and draw water from deep under the ground, thick wells and bore wells.

If you want to use the surface water, there are various irrigation pumps available as well. While shopping for surface irrigation pumps, make sure they are silent and secure. Also, consider the size and efficiency of the pump before buying as per your requirements.

Size of the pump

If you have a large field and want to use the pump with high tech drip irrigation or sprinklers, you should buy a large size of pump with high efficiency. Large size pumps are required so that they can pump the water with enough pressure to reach every hose and sprinkler.


The irrigation pumps today are no longer stand-alone devices. We need to use them with other irrigation equipment like hoses, drips, and sprinklers. Make sure that the pump you choose is compatible with the other items you want to use for irrigation. The ONGA pump parts are suitable to use with any irrigation equipment.


If you want to use the sprinkler irrigation, you need to buy the right type and size of sprinklers to ensure the correct supply of water. There are various types of sprinklers available in the markets like the rotary sprinkler, rotator and steam spray sprinklers. Every type of sprinkler sprays the water in different forms. Consider the type of your watering requirements before choosing the sprinklers for your fields.

Rotor heads

Rotor heads are used to cover larger areas like parks, fields and golf courses. Their application rate is considerably less than the spray sprinklers. Rotor heads are mostly suitable for lawns and parks and used for watering the grass. They are available in single and double sprays. A rotating gear is required to rotate the rotor heads and spray out the water in smooth sprays. So if you have a park or lawn, you can choose the right rotor heads for watering the plants and grass in your garden. Rotor heads with double spray are better as they cover the area quickly and you need to run your pump for a less time.

Drip systems

Drips systems are composed of the hoses and pipes that spray the water directly into the roots or soil. Farmers use drip systems in low water areas to prevent the wastage of water. There are a variety of drip systems available, but you need to choose it as per your requirements.

For example, if you want to water on some specific plants or a part of your lawn, you want an adjustable drip system in which you can open or close the spray holes. Drip systems are expensive and are suitable for large areas like fields. If you have a small lawn or garden, you must buy a rotor head sprinkler system.

Riser Pipes

These are similar to the sprinklers but suitable for flowerbeds. Riser pipes come with adaptable nozzle heads which means you can adjust the direction, angle, and volume of water to suit the needs or plants. Riser pipes are suitable for lawns and gardens where the plants need low amounts of water. They are ideal for delicate flowering plants.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses work in the same way as the drip irrigation systems except for the difference that users need to operate them manually. They are connected to a water supply, and the water weeps through the tiny perforations given in the pipe. Unlike the drip irrigation systems, soaker hoses are not automated. If you have a garden or lawn that needs low amounts of continuous water supply, a soaker hose will satisfy your watering requirements.

Final Words

The points in this post are the best tips to choose the irrigation equipment. However, you need to consider your watering requirements and the shape and size of your landscape before buying the irrigation equipment. You should try to choose the stuff with a longer life and low maintenance as it saves money in the long term. Make sure that the things you choose to buy, suits your requirements and buying budget.

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