Remember – Digital Signatures Also Require Authentication


In this online age, it is not possible to authenticate or verify any document using your physical signatures. The ideal way to do so is to use your digital signature certificate. The Digital Signature Certificate has become a vital verification tool today. You need it to verify your IT returns, your GST returns, file e-tenders, and perform various other business transactions online. Now, the question arises as to whether your DSC is genuine. Therefore, it becomes imperative to authenticate your DSC. We shall see the importance of authentication of your DSC with the help of a digital signature agency.

What is a digital signature?

The digital signature is a series of mathematical algorithms used to verify the authenticity of digital documents and messages. A valid digital signature allows the recipient of the papers to trust the genuineness of the sender. It also ensures that there is no tampering of the information in transit. The Information Act, 200 deals with digital signatures and their authenticity.

Essential features of the digital signature certificates

The prime responsibility of a digital signature certificate is to authenticate the source of the messages. The signature shows the details of the owner of the digital signature, as it contains details of the email address, name, phone number, capacity of the executor, and so on. Verifying the digital signature certificate enables you to ensure that you receive the message or documents from the correct source.

The digital signature certificate is the perfect tool to ensure the sender and the receiver that the messages or documents have not been altered during its transmission. Hence, the DSC for GST is a vital aspect. It enables the department to ensure that your returns are accurate in all respects.

The most significant feature of the DSC for GST is that the sender cannot repudiate or deny a message having a digital signature. The use of the digital signature involves a public key and a private key. The information regarding the private key is confidential and known only to the user of the signature. Hence, there is no question of denying the information shared.

How do you ensure the authenticity of your digital signature?

Digital signature agencies are available in almost all towns and cities in India to authenticate the digital signatures. Validating a DSC is essential because it ensures that there is no tampering of information in transit. The digital signature is different from a physical signature in the sense that it is possible to forge easily. It is easy to detect forgery or tampering in the case of a digital signature as it is encrypted. Any alteration will alter the code, thereby making it easy for the verifier to identify the forgery.

Nowadays, it has become essential for every individual to have a digital signature because the volume of online transactions is increasing manifold. The more people use online modes of transaction, the more are the importance of the DSCs. DSCs have become part of life today in this online world.


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