Merits Associated with Using Solar Solutions in the Residential and the Commercial Sectors

By September 23, 2018 ,
Commercial Solar Panels NJ

The surge in the cost of energy has compelled entrepreneurs to look for alternative sources of fuel. With the wide array of options available such as hydropower, solar energy, and wind, the solar energy is widely accepted as it is a renewable source of energy, lowers carbon footprint and provides low cost of upkeep. Apart from these merits associated with solar power, there is a whole lot of other reasons why various industries and residential sectors are considering going solar.

Reasons Why Solar Energy is Widely Used n the Commercial and the Residential Sectors

  • Renewable Source of Energy: Among the various benefits of the residential solar panels NJ, one of the most important advantages is that it is a renewable energy source that would not get depleted. It is not possible to run out if solar energy unlike the other sources of fuel like coal, hydro-power or petroleum.  The solar energy is available readily in any part of the world and would be a continuous source of energy as long as the sun shines.
  • No Monopoly: Another advantage of using the solar solutions is that there can never be a monopoly over the solar energy. This has enabled industrialists to invest more on the solar panels. As a result, governments are even investing a lot of money into the installation and development of the solar systems.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: The use of solar energy helps in lowering the carbon footprint. The deleterious effects of carbon dioxide have resulted in global warming, which has led to the melting of glaciers, eroded shorelines, and endangered animals. With the use of solar power, there would be less utilization of non-renewable sources of energy. Solar power can help to conserve over 16000 water gallons per year and thereby lower the dependence on the non-renewable energy source. This can help in lowering the mileage from about 15,000 to about 10,000 to help in saving over tons of carbon dioxide, which is about 15% of the footprint of an average person.
  • Increased Electrical Output: With technological advancement and with the development of new age technologies and quantum physics, there is the possibility of the improvement of the solar panels, which can further help in increasing the electrical output many times.
  • Low Upkeep Cost: Another benefit of using commercial solar panels NJ is that they require low maintenance. They just need to keep clean and companies give about 20 to 25 years of warranty in the solar systems. There is no tear or wear and only the inverter has to be changed once every 5 to 10 years. This means the industrialists need to spend very little on the repair and the maintenance cost of the solar systems.
  • Net Metering Helps in Gaining More Funds: A business would not require all the energy produced by the solar systems. Add extra energy goes back into the electricity grid. In all the states which provide net metering, the utility would give the credit to you for delivering all the power you can to a grid.
  • Improves Sustainability: Many organizations prefer working with sustainable companies. If by making use of solar power you can assure your investors, customers, and employees that your business is eco-friendly and would contribute to a healthy way to the environment, it would create a positive impression of your brand and fetch you more business.
  • Greater ROI: The ‘Federal Investment Tax Credit’ can help a company save appreciably on the purchase of the solar system. Many states of North America even offer incentives for encouraging entrepreneurs to invest in solar energy systems. As a result, you good get a better return on investment in the long run.
  • Lowering the Operating Expenses: The success of a business lies in lowering the operational costs of a business. For many of the businesses the energy cost every month can be huge By investing in solar systems, businesses can significantly save on their expenses. By using the solar power completely they can totally get rid of the ‘grid-supplied’ electricity and hence and hence save considerably on their expenses involved in managing and operating businesses.
  • Contributes to an Eco-Friendly Environment: The solar panels help in generating electricity without causing carbon or air pollution. It generates no heat-trapping or harmful gases that are associated with other sources of energy like coal. Unlike coal that emits harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, arsenic, mercury, and lead. Moreover, solar power does not create environmental risks or long-lasting risks related to the nuclear power.
  • No Dependence on Water: Unlike electricity generated in the nuclear and coal plants, solar panel electricity generation require no water. Many of the ‘natural gas plants’ require water for the purpose of cooling which can cause problems when the water becomes too hot. Such problems are not involved in solar power generation.
  • Diverse Uses: Solar energy finds wide application. Apart from providing electricity, it can be used to generate heat. It can be used in the areas where there is no access to the energy grid. It can also be used in many regions for distilling water where there is a limited supply of water. Apart from these uses, solar energy can also be used for powering satellites in the space, in the recreational homes and even in the residential properties.
  • Reduction in the Electricity Bills and Improved Savings: By using solar power for generating electricity, it is quite obvious that there would be a reduction in the electricity bills. The consumption of the electricity also depends on the size of solar panels and the usage of electricity. By making use of solar power, you would not only save appreciably on your electricity bills but you would be generating surplus electricity, which would be exported back into the grid, provided the grid is connected.

These are the myriad benefits of having a solar power system in place. Solar energy would be a continuous source of energy which would never be depleted. Solar power systems require low maintenance and contribute to an eco-friendly environment by lowering carbon output. Hence solar power is widely being used in the residential as well as the commercial sectors.

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