Key Facts about Ghost Writing you Wish You Known Earlier

By December 21, 2018

Success comes at a cost and telling people how you succeeded is one of them.  Sounds weird? Well, it’s not! You have to get through many hurdles and climb through the toughest ladders to get on the top. However climbing this ladder is often like a code which you have decoded and now you need to tell others.

That’s the thing about being successful you have to share your success mantra with others and what can be better than a book for doing so. Writing a business book, the idea sounds great but isn’t easy at all because it requires a lot of dedication, time, patience and knowledge to write a book. No one is born writer but not everybody who wants to writes a book wants to be a writer! So, what to do then?

Well, here is the solution. You can be an author without writing a book of your own, all you need to do is to find a ghost writer for yourself.

How ghostwriters can help you?

Ghost writers are those people who write your thoughts for you with their writing skills but they don’t take writing credit for it, rather they charge for it. Ghost writers does not really work for the writing credit but to earn money. They possess the necessary skills for writing a book and due to their experience they also hold deep knowledge about the various topics. However, finding a business ghost writing can be a little tricky and tough for you because there aren’t many who work for the same field and those who do charge good amount for writing. But if you can find a suitable business writer for yourself you may get following advantages:

  1. Time saving: writing a book generally requires 1000-2000 writing hours for a normal author and this time limit can even extend in case of business writing. Ghost writers are pro at writing and that’s why they can write the same book in lesser time span.  They not only hold the knowledge but also the skills of writing the book. Hence, time saving is a clear benefit of hiring a professional ghost writer.
  2. You don’t need polish your writing: in order to write a professional business book, you must have polished writing skills. You must know about the structure of writing, contents to be filled in and the easy but effective communication medium. These are the things which makes writing harder. Ghost writers are well aware of the type of language that should be used in a book and are able to write the effective things in easy language.  Hiring a ghost writer can surely save you from the efforts which you need to put for becoming a professional writer.
  3. Become an author without writing: and here you are with your book without putting any efforts in writing it. People often start writing but very few can take the book to end and publish it. By hiring a ghost writer, you can not only start writing a book but can also take it to the edge of publication. So, congratulations, you are the author of your idea and also the writer without really writing it.

Every coin has two phases and everything which has some advantage possess some disadvantages too. Here are some points which you must know before you decide if you want to hire a ghost writer or not.

  • You may bear loss: hiring a ghost writer can be really expensive because ghost writers are professional and they charge really amounts for the same. And if you are thinking of hiring a cheap ghost writer then think twice because by doing so you might end up messing up your book. Here is a guide to the rate list of ghost writers which will give you the estimation of cost which you will be bearing for hiring them.

$1000-$14000- this is the lowest amount which a ghost writer may charge and if you are getting somebody below that, you are certainly with a bad quality writer. Writers know very well about the work they are doing and if they are putting their efforts and skills in something they will not settle for less however, $14 k is just the starting.

$15,000-$75,000- ghost writers’ keeps on hiking their prices based upon the numbers of books they have written over the years. With every book they write, they enhance their skills and their rate card keeps on increasing. On an average, a professional ghost writer change $15k to $75k and the higher you pay the better quality you get.  

Writers with better reputation charge even more but here is a tip for you, if you cannot afford ghost writers above $15k you shouldn’t go for one.

  • It’s tough to find a business ghost writers: finding a ghost writer has never really been easy. You can allocate the expensive ghost writers in lesser efforts but finding a ghost writer within your budget requires efforts. A business ghost writer must not only have skills and command over language but he must be aware about business environment as well. It’s hard to evaluate that which ghost writer will be able to conceive your idea and write it the way you wanted.
  • Risk involvement: hiring ghost writer is risky as well because there are no guarantees about the time, work, quality and all. You can never get the guarantee of quality and the content they are writing until you sign contact with them and remember, they might refuse to sign the contract as they are freelancers.

Now you know both, the pros and cons of ghost writing. It’s totally your call whether you want a ghost writer or not. You can find a suitable ghost writing within your budget if you are ready to put some efforts in looking for them. Just ensure that you research thoroughly and verify the writers before hiring them to avoid the future problems.