Jobs For University Students In Abroad

By November 30, 2018 ,

Many students find a summer job abroad thanks to some acquaintances who live there, but how to do it when there is no direct contact with people from the other country?
One of the options for university students is to rely on private agencies: you will be asked for various materials and you can indicate your preferences and understand what skills you can boast. The platforms like The Job Listing will act as a mediator and above all will take care of finding the summer job for you, on payment of a certain amount, usually deducted from your salary. The Job Listing is also helpful in searching the latest job opportunities.

Different Jobs

Alternatively you can also try to look for a person personally summer work for students: there are many portals that offer employers the opportunity to put their ad and members to apply. Here is a list of some of the most interesting, as reputed the most reliable on the square.

  • You can work as a swimming trainee especially for the children.
  • Car washing is the best option for university students to do in abroad.
  • Baby-sitting is another important job to do in abroad.
  • You can work as bar tender in different countries.
  • You can work as a helper in different kind of stores.
  • If you are good enough in driving then you could be driver.
  • You can also adopt the job of delivery boy in number of countries.

Summer work abroad: where to go

If you are determined to look for a job abroad there are so many destinations for summer 2018, and here also the personal preferences of you university students come into play. Here we try to give you an overview of the most popular destinations when looking for a summer job for students:

New Zealand: among the many advantages of this country there is certainly the breathtaking scenery, but also the many job opportunities, given the very low unemployment. However, it is necessary to apply for a visa, which can usually only be obtained with an already signed work contract, or alternatively for young people, therefore also university students, is the Working Holiday, a 12-month program, during which can look for work on the spot.


Brazil: thanks to the economic boom of these years and the strong presence of Italians, the Carioca land is among the most popular among students as a destination for a job (even for fabulous beaches and guaranteed fun). The advice is to find a contract with a tricolor company, because often online research involves qualified and specialized tasks.


United Kingdom: with the Brexit, the work situation abroad has become thorny, but it remains among the dream destinations of Italian university students. Unskilled jobs abound, even if you really can afford decent accommodation it’s easy for you to leave the idea of ​​staying in London and moving to the suburbs or another region.


Australia: another paradise on earth, it is one of the most desired destinations by students. High quality of life is generally reflected in generous wages, but working conditions are stringent: you have to apply for emigration as a salaried employee, and these are specific professional qualifications. However, for young people up to 31 years old, as in New Zealand, a Working Holiday visa of up to 12 months is envisaged.


If you are interested to go abroad for study then you must not worry for the expenses. As different countries are offering a number of good jobs, especially for students, to work!