Importance Of Concrete Waterproofing Every Property Owner Should Know

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Concrete Waterproofing

Regardless of whether you own a residential or a commercial one, you should know the importance of concrete waterproofing. You must have noted that concrete surfaces look worn out, dirty and old when they remain exposed to nature. It is for this reason that property owners seek companies specializing in concrete waterproofing Melbourne. The experts enhance the overall aesthetics of the place, removing the dull look of the surface. This also increases the durability of the structure. In some parts of the country, concrete surfacing has to be carried out by law. Particularly, in high-rises, the structures need to be waterproofed. 

Why do you need concrete waterproofing? 

At times, you may have to entirely rip off the concrete surface, particularly when it is exposed to water for a long time. This process involves significant expenses, as the entire process has to be carried out from scratch. Alternatively, you may have to pour the concrete mix on the existing surface. However, the bonding agents may not be powerful enough to hold the new surface. Here come the benefits of concrete waterproofing. When you collaborate with the companies specializing in concrete waterproofing Melbourne, they resurface the concrete, making it resistant to the damage caused by water. You need to keep the load-bearing walls protected so that the structure does not weaken down.

concrete waterproofing

concrete waterproofing

Key benefits of concrete waterproofing

Here are some of the important benefits of waterproofing concrete, that you should know
  • When the concrete surfaces remain resistant to water, it prevents mildew and mold get into the floor and walls. In order to maintain the health and structural integrity of the building, waterproofing concrete is essential.
  • When you keep the concrete waterproof, the costs for clean-up and maintenance is reduced. After floods and heavy rainstorms, you would require lesser efforts to clean the place up. The basic maintenance turns out to be easier, as the concrete surfaces remain waterproof. Have a consultation with one of the companies specializing in concrete waterproofing for your property to resurface your concrete structures.
  • Waterproofed floors and walls enhance the value of your property. When you want to sell off your home or commercial space, a waterproofed sub-floor or basement is likely to fetch you a better price. In case the building has problems with water leakage, you might find it difficult to find a buyer.

 What to do before waterproofing concrete?

Before you resurface concrete or get a new waterproofed concrete surface, you should take care of the building. The following guidelines will help you during the process:

  • Keep the concrete surface dry and clean. Contractors dealing with concrete waterproofing Melbourne will guide you during this process. You may use a scraper to eliminate old wall paint or coverings on the floor. Sweep off the dust and grit, ensuring that nothing comes between the structure and the waterproofing materials. You may use cleaner and warm water to scrub the floors and walls. Allow the surface to dry before moving ahead.
  • The reputed companies specializing in concrete waterproofing Melbourne recommend patching all the holes, using a hydraulic expanding concrete mix. Wait for at least 24 hours to allow these patches dry or as guided by the contractors.
  • You need to tape the objects that extend to the walls or floor, like electric boxes and stairs.
concrete waterproofing

concrete waterproofing


When you hire a contractor for concrete waterproofing, make sure that they use quality materials. You would not like wasting time and money, using inferior grades of products. Collaborate with one of the leading companies for concrete waterproofing Melbourne that comes with an established track record. Most of the reputed companies are adept in handling all types of waterproofing systems. Concrete waterproofing is a compulsory factor to keep your repairs and related expenses under control.

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