Importance Of City Signage In A Built Environment


Importance of city signage can never be ignored. It is a part of all well organized and well-maintained cities. Through signage, the city explains something. These are indicators that often guide travelers. Some signs are used for promotion of goods, services and events while others may serve multiple purposes.
These days, it is not possible to imagine a city without signage. It is the way a city helps travelers find their way. Living in a directionless built environment is a total no-no these days as all will be losing time searching.
Almost all businesses have rivals and compete for a better market share. They spend a lot of their marketing budget on marketing and signage. Their business messages that are displayed on signs help enhance their interaction with their customers.
City signage makes a city more legible to locals and visitors. The wayfinding systems are usually composed of directional signs, street information panels with maps, printed maps, and plaques. It is a modeled network with various routes that has to include new buildings and places. The companies that are involved in modeling these wayfinding systems have to be good at predicting the needs of users while they are on their jaunt. It is a very complex and more or less a very scientific task that has to be completed in an artistic manner.
These days, the commuters complain if they find errors in the directional signs. Users want public-information boards with local maps on them. The places they visit more often have to be a part of the system. This system has to be semantically consistent. In order to have trust in the system, people need to know if they are in the right place and are going the right way.
Importance of city signage can never be ignored. If you take the city as a system itself the signage is part of its DNA. The information presented in the signs at the airports and city transit systems has to be helpful besides being accurate. There are many types of signs used by cities and businesses. The most commonly used ones are as follows:
Wayfinding signs
These are directional signs that give people some sort of directions to orient them better. You can see them every day on the roads and near buildings. Travelers are able to find places easily with the help of wayfinding signs. Neighborhoods are easy to connect with these signs.

Marketing signs
Marketing signs are commonly used by businesses to convey their business message. It can display new specials or new products. These types of signs have a multifold purpose. These have to inform viewers about the offers on one hand and persuade them on the other. The graphics of these signs are carefully designed by an advertising agency. Most businesses prefer a unique style in conveying benefits of their offers to users so as to woo them effectively. This is the quickest way of boosting branding. Many new businesses have made a huge mark on the market and can multiply sales by 3x within a month. The type of outreach is effective and when done right you can expand your market share. When the market position strengthens, the continued use of such signs can make a business one of the market leaders. There is no better way of promoting a brand.

Lit up signs
These signs use lightening so they can be seen from far at night. They help bring in more customers to clubs, theaters, hotels, retail shops, and shopping malls. Businesses that rely on these signs make their presence more eye-catching. These signs can be used at the entrance to promote branding and can be set up high to guide new customers to the location.

Banners & billboards
Most banners and labels are made of recyclable plastics. This is a cost-effective way of promoting goods and services for a short period of time. For the small businesses, this type of advertising is more beneficial as it requires less expense and it can bring in good returns on investment. Billboards are more expensive than banners and labels. These ensure a much higher exposure.

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material and it is ideal for various types of signs. Acrylic signs are a common sight at the city malls and business centers. Due to its transparency, ease of molding and low cost it is a favorite with sign designers.

Vinyl is easy to print and is a low-cost material for city signage. You can often see the digitally printed banners displayed on city walls for advertisement purposes.

Safety signs
These can be seen on pavements and on the roads. Safety signs convey a warning so people can travel safely. These signs promote safety awareness. More on the importance of city signage here:


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