How To Take Care of Your Colour Treated Hair?


There are many people who get different hair treatments so as to make sure that they look stylish and good. Certainly it is a good practice to try out new things for the best experiences. However, every treatment you take has a consequence if you are not taking care of it.

If you have taken a hair colour treatment, make sure that you do proper care of your hair afterwards. If you leave your hair unattended, it might be risky. If you wish you can certainly walk through some Tips to protect color treated hair. Once you know what has to be done to keep your hair in good shape; you can do it easily. Have a look below:

Pick the right products

Once you are colouring your hair, it is vital to get a quality dye and bleach so your hair does not get spoiled. In case you are lifting color with bleach, make sure that you get the correct developer for your hair color. In case your hair is light, to start with, choose a twenty thirty volume developer. Always try to use the products that are made up of least chemicals.  Once you use the right products for colouring your hair, you avoid much damage.

Do the preparation

In case you want your hair to stay healthy after you color it, you might have to start preparing your hair for damagea couple of months in advance. It includes ensuring that your hair is properly nourished and hydrated. Increase you’re oiling and hair mask game minimum two months before you plan on colouring your hair. Similarly it would be needed that you take regular trims and evade heating tools. In case you want to bleach your hair to get the shade you want, apply cold-pressed coconut oil to the hair the night before you do bleach it. It will definitely minimise the damage to your hair locks.

Don’t be over smart

It is important that you find a great stylist who knows what they are doing. In case you are dying your hair at home, always use a patch test first. It is crucial that you read the instructions carefully and make sure that you do not leave the dyeor bleach on past the recommended time. If needed, don’t hesitate to take help. Sometimes, it is better to take assistance then to try out yourself with half-baked knowledge.

Wait before you apply shampoo

Once you have coloured the hair, try to wait minimum two days before you wash your hair again. Such a thing would help the color set in well and is going to minimize color bleeding. It is also helpful to oil your hair before you wash it as the oil is going to form a defensive layer around the hair shaft, reducing fading.


So, once you have started using the right shampoos like Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo or special shampoos; your hair would stay safe and you can try out colours on them. These above mentioned points would help you keep your hair guarded after colouring.


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