How To Start A Dried Flower Business?

By December 10, 2018

A dried flower business, similar to preserved flower business, is one for flower enthusiasts, people who have an interest in flowers and plants in general. You don’t need to have a degree in plant sciences to be in this field but you do need to know the basics of growing flowers, harvesting them. Knowing the best time to cut the flowers and dry them is an important task in this business. If you have the time, readiness to put in a small investment and the interest, you are set to start your own dried flower business.

The first step to starting any business is to check the viability of the business; especially a business that caters to a niche audience. Find out about the demand in your area and also check about the suppliers who are already in your area. So now that you have formed a general consensus about the business feasibility, you can go on the next step.

Know your client base:

First get to know your clients. The main clients for dried flowers or preserved flowers are hobbyists, floral arrangement specialists and DIYers. Another possibility of clients are the people who want to preserve bouquets of special functions. For example, you could have someone who wants to save the flowers from their wedding or a couple who want to preserve the memories of their child’s baptism. It is very important to see if your area generates enough demand beige tout jump into this business.

Check your finances:

The second idea to consider is how much of finance you will need. In this business the financial requirements is comparatively very less. In most cases you will able to grow the flowers in your own backyard. You need to assess the possible extra cost depending on your situation. For instance, if you need to buy your flowers from a wholesaler, or if you need to dry your flowers using machinery. Another aspect to consider if you plan to create clients from online orders too. So building a website also has to be included in your budgeting.

Legalities entailed:

This business needs to be registered and also has a few legalities to be followed while functioning. This differs from state to state. You have to make sure that you find out about this and keep the information ready before you start. Make sure you adhere to all regulations so as to avoid any problems in the future.

Choose your flowers well:

When you start your business, be sure that you have researched well about the popular flowers, the demand for which are more than others. The ones that are special and fetch a better price should be a good bet. Ensure to check with your crafts store to know about the demands. Even if you plan to buy your flowers and then dry it, it should be done in a profitable way. The best would be to grow your own flowers. That way you are ensured of a constant supply and charges are much less than it would be when you buy. Hence giving you a better bigger margin. Also learn more about the flowering timelines and the condition each flower requires. A well thought and thoroughly planned flowering regime will give you up to 1000% profit.

Choosing your drying techniques:

You might wonder why this is an important step. There are a lot of things to be considered when you choose your method of drying. In case you live in the region where you get a lot of sun, then you can choose to do air drying. But if that is not the case, then you need to think about other options. Air drying is the cheapest method since it doesn’t really require any material cost or process cost. There are a lot of other drying techniques which have been used since ages. One of the latest types of drying is Freeze drying. This type of drying requires very heavy machinery. This is also the best way of drying flowers since it retains colour and fragrance to an extent. Other than these two mentioned above, there are different methods of drying flowers too. Some of the other methods are: Press Drying, Embedded Drying, Oven Drying and Glycerine Drying.

Check out the competition:

Take time to know the existing market players. Create collaborations with them to know more about the market and to understand the business better. Once you are confident of your business, start to sell your dried flowers at competitive prices. Also check what is already in the market and which new thing can be introduced into the market.

Make your presence online:

It is the time where internet is exploding. You need to be able to create your brand online too if you wish to have a backup of customers and an inflow of new customers. It’s very important that you create your presence on social media and have a website created for the sale and display of flowers. Although an added expenditure, this website will give you more revenue and help you to break even in a years time.

Creating a business account:

It would be a good idea to separate your business expenses and earnings from your personal bank account. In this way you will be able to monitor your expenditure properly and also get an idea when you are breaking even. Also this is essential when you set up your website. Payments should be made to this account and that makes all processing simpler.

Registering your business:

This is the final step to setting up your business. Register your business in the local administrative office and keep yourself up to date about all the processes and procedures you need to follow while operating your business. Always make sure that you pay your taxes on time and have no backlog whatever.

Floral drying business is considered to be one of the most profitable businesses all over the world. If you have the interest and the time for it, you can reap huge profits from this business. Make sure to follow all the steps and necessary research in order to reap benefits.

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