How to manage multiple locations Pickup?

By February 22, 2019
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Multiple Location Pickup For Delivery on Time

Multiple location pickup is not at all easy as it can actually lead to lot of confusions and chaos. You can miss out on a location and proceed to deliver the rest of the goods to the desired places.

So, how to avoid all the confusions when it comes to multiple location pickups? Some truck transporters in Delhi for Mumbai companies have this feature of multiple pickup locations inserted inside the app which makes it easier for everyone to ensure comfortable and correct delivery of goods and consignments. With this feature, you can schedule the pickups from different warehouses as well as vendors sans any problem. Thus, in case your products are placed in different locations, you can easily get it picked from the trucking partner. The pickup of merchandise which is stored in multiple locations is not a problem then. This system is straightforward and makes sure that handling logistics become easier for both the truck company and the customers.

No delayed deliveries

Feature of multiple location pickup is hugely advantageous as it offers comfortable access if there is more than one location from where you want the orders to be picked up from. With multiple location pickup feature shipments get delivered to the preferred destinations faster. All you have to do is select which ever pickup location you want. If it is nearest to your place where you want product to be sent, there will be no delay as things are quite in order. What’s more even the customers end up making more profit as overall cost of shipping gets reduced when products are delivered from nearest pickup location to delivery location. This means it is a win-win situation for all.

Simplify transport services

When goods get picked up from different location you do not have to transfer all your goods at one warehouse for common pick-up. In the past arranging for pick up so that all goods were at a common place was a big problem and it created additional escalation of costs. Also goods were subject to transport risks even while be transported to the main warehouse. Now when companies offer to pick up goods from different locations things have actually changed for good and credit for it goes to the efficient logistic system.

Minimum hassle

Extra staff had to be recruited which handled Transport company from different locations to one common warehouse. Every new team member is a drain on resources of the company and this extra cost is ultimately transferred to the final customer. Profits get trimmed and this is not a good thing. It is better to manage things rather than keeping on augmenting the overhead costs.

Technology is a boon and it has changed the way things work with inclusion of novel features such as multiple location pickups in the transport system. This has roped in cost effectiveness and efficiency in the entire truck transport system.