How to manage Customer Service Queries during Holiday Season?


For business growth, it is significant to perfectly cater to customers’ needs throughout the year. This is so because you can enjoy customers’ loyalty and trust as long as you are living up to expectations during support interactions.

In the US, the longest streak of holidays comes from Christmas to New Year. During this period, high jump in sales is more likely to be on the cards because people buy desired products for themselves or to give gifts to their loved ones. From the business’s point of view, this can unlock the door of success.

At the same time, this puts colossal pressure on those companies that want to handle the customer service department on their own, and the major reason behind this is the upsurge in support requests. Usually, MNCs avail customer support services from business outsourcing companies so as to avoid all type of hassle related to support queries.

Here’s how to manage Customer Service Queries during Holiday Season. So, have a look:      

1.    Make it easy for customers by offering a self-service option 

During the holiday time, the average number of support requests is likely to amplify. It is so because customers don’t have to go to their respective offices, which means they have an ample of time to place a call, send an email, or raise a query on a live chat support medium. At this point in time, it is very crucial for business owners to handle customer service queries perfectly.

As per American Express Survey, the worst line according to customers is ‘Your call is very important to us. Please continue to stay on the line and hold”.’ 

Here, the prominence of ‘Self-service’ option increases. By means of this facility, customers can easily get the desired resolutions without having to wait for the response of support agents. Besides maintaining the customer satisfaction score, this dwindles the odds of high agent attrition.

Before you start wondering how self-service can put the brakes on the increasing rate of agent turnover, we would like to reveal that when customers solve generic issues on their own, agents would automatically get a reduced number of support requests. This results in less workload, which, in turn, leads to better agent retention.

So, if you really want to operate the customer service department seamlessly during the holiday season, offer a reliable self-service facility to customers. Or you can simply cut all the hassle by simply joining hands with business outsourcing companies.

2.    Keep support agents happy and motivated

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”

— Richard Branson

To deliver astounding support service during the holiday time, it is significant to ensure that customer service representatives put their best forward while solving the received queries as that’s the best way to maintain the business’s credibility.

During the holiday period, there’s a substantial rise in complaints, which means support agents will have to go through the immense workload. At this juncture, it is significant to keep customer service reps happy and motivated otherwise the problem of agent attrition can take place, which, in turn, could make a big negative impact on the business’s productivity.

Therefore, if you want that everything goes smoothly while handling support requests during the holiday period, here’re some suggestions to take into account:

  • Play light music at the workstation so that environment stays fresh.
  • Increase the incentive value.
  • Provide refreshments to keep agents cherished.   
  • Pat agents’ back when they deliver the unexpected.

Apart from all of this, you can also go for business process services of reputed vendors as they know how to handle mammoth customer service queries.

3.    Be humanistic in your approach

During the holiday time, nobody likes to contact a company to avail support service as making most out of time is what holiday is all about. However, when customers have got no other choice than initiating support service interaction, they have to get in touch with a company. At this point in time, all that customers want is quality assistance.

Here, it is fundamental for businesses that are handling the customer service department with the help of in-house support agents stay humanistic in their approach. This is so because if impersonalized assistance gets delivered to customers, this can trigger the negative WOM. As a bad outcome, this can tarnish the business’s brand image. Looking for a much safer option? Avail customer care services from any recognized business outsourcing company.


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